Anyone getting annoyed when you're behind cover and someone downs you from the side?

I have died like this before and it’s stupid. I’ll be sitting there behind cover and someone will be behind cover in front of me and to the side and down me from an angle shot. Cover does NOTHING to protect me when this happens. Anyone else have this problem? Any solutions?


Are you talking about a reaction shot? If so, yeah I do it all the time but I think it’s BS. Same with back As

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What do you mean reaction shot? Excuse me if I’m not familiar with that. I just hatext when cover does nothing.

Hmm like this video at about 23 seconds

Edit: Mirror because is trash and always says the clip is unavailable when several people view it

It’s not BS though
It’s called getting outplayed lol

Technique that not everyone can pull off and you used it to win a fight.
Fair move!


I mean you can call anything “getting outplayed”. But I think the mechanics are cheesy and unintuitive. Although it takes some skill with the timing, it’s not really balanced IMO


I haven’t figured out how to nail this on mouse yet…

I can do it 3/4 times (no enemy, just me looking at buckshot hit) if I’m playing offline and concentrating the same approach, swing of xhair, and timing of shot.

In game? I usually forget about it since it’s not in my muscle memory. It’s a hard one to practice in game.

No, I can always dodge it. Not that hard if you actually know what you’re doing.

Oof the ignorance

Maybe. I didn’t read most of this. But 9 times outta 10 people complaining about Gears’ mechanics haven’t grown accustom to them since '06.

Oh and here we go with the elitist “since '06” garbage

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Yes. Yes we do.