Anyone from the UK playing tech test?

Interested to see how many UK players playing now as none of the games I’ve got into has been full.

Can’t find a game. All game types.

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I am just ‘Creating Match’ for eternity… Been trying for past half hour.

EDIT - My Tour has appeared though, so I guess that’s something!

EDIT 2 - Strange, when I gave up after five minutes and quit from ‘Creating Match’ it stated ‘Unable to bring squad members as they are in a competitive match’ Seems I’m in matches while in the menu!


same, creating match for 5 minutes, got kicked for idling, Then creating match for another 5 minutes, nothing yet…


Finally got in one but it was me vs 1 other guy and bots. 21 Eliminations. Error when retrieving match results so guessing no progress within ‘My Tour’…

Now everything has crashed again…

got 2 games so far, pray to rngesus i dont crash lol. Happened once, I had to wait for about 1hr30

Yeah, lucky you, I’m back to stuck in ‘Creating Match’ limbo again! At least my stats were recorded on My Tour. :slight_smile:

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nice better than me earlier. F waiting

I got on. Done bootcamp then got stuck on creating lobby. I’ve fired FF7 on to pass the time until theres an update or something and enjoying the rage filled forum lol

This trick I’ve used seems to get me in games. Start Arcade versus. Let it go for about 10 seconds and wait for Creating Match to appear, Then back out and load up KOTH.

On the left hand side you will see KOTH but underneath it will say Arcade Deathmatch. For me, I tend to join after about 20 seconds of being in the KOTH area but it is an Arcade Deathmatch event. Hope this helps someone. Worked 3/3 times for me so hoping this isn’t coincidence.

Got in a game of arcade, but couldn’t get into another, rebooted, KOTH finds a game but doesn’t turn into match, Gets stuck on loading map screen or get error 0x00000d6e

I managed to get into an Arcade game. No Gnasher in that so not really Gears. Otherwise I have spent a very long time either waiting or being kicked.

Not much better this morning, got in a lobby of Arcade played 3 games, game data started to work after the 2nd game. Feeling positive searched for KOTH, 8 mins in i got “Creating Lobby” but dissolved. 7 mins later same again.

Seems pretty quick now if anyone wants to hop on from the uk

Uk here. A mighty Southerner no less :wink:
Last night was a clusterF, so only one game played.
Managed about 8 games of arcade this morning, which is fun but not really my thing.

Will try to get matches of Hill this afternoon.