Anyone experiencing these error codes

I keep getting these error codes when playing insane/master on blood drive and district I’ve sent error reports but just get told to reboot console and reinstall game. Is anyone else getting this or have any suggestions on how to solve this ?

I got this error maybe 3 times in a week.

I reboot console after that only to be safe, but I don’t know why or how to solve it.

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Yes it happens from time to time. Pretty sure it’s an error in game or on servers, and that rebooting and/or reinstalling won’t stop it from happening again.

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I’ve been getting those messages a couple of times lately. Seems like I still have gotten cards, stars etc. though.

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Thank you to everyone for your help,Really appreciate the reply’s ,I’m glad I’m not the only one,As long as it doesn’t mess up my Re-ups I’ll leave it to support and hopefully get a positive to clear up this error code

@TC_Sera this is the reply I’ve had from support even though I sent error codes after operation 4 update and have continued to get error codes following the update what do you suggest please
Many Thanks in advance of any help

I suggest doing as was requested on the ticket and send along a wealth of information around what is still happening. :slight_smile:


Thank you will do many thanks

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