Anyone excited for Operation 4?

Literally the first thing I thought when I first ran around that map was that it was a re-imagining of Thrashball.

All it was missing is a third exit out of the spawns directly in the middle and a floating piece of junk in the middle of the map that could crush people.

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I’ll download it and get bored after a few days just like op3 I’m sure :man_shrugging:t2:

not sure why I should be.

  • they refuse to tease or hint at the content
  • previous OPs were devoid of the content i want (maps)
  • studio turnover has left me feeling there’s no direction within those walls
  • map quality has been dismal ever since MS/TC took over this IP so all I’m really looking forward to is Epic made maps that are returning

Yeah, I am looking forward to new content. I took a Gears hiatus during Operation 2 and half-way into Operation 3, so have been quite excited coming back with lots of new content to play. I may do the same again during Op4/5 time-frame if the release-rate of content feels too slow. Gears is always the long-haul for me. I wish medals worked across ToDs, like in Gears 3/J, and unlocked different tiers of skins for chars, weapons, etc. Also, when completing the ToD, they need to map stars to XP.

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Thats the biggest problem with gears now once you have completed most things there’s just nothing to do gears of war 3 was great because it kept you playing the medals & ribbons were actually very good and addictive to get plus tracking your accomplishments with the ribbons and medals to unlock titles actually was rewarding.

But the biggest problem is gears is now a live service game according to the people at the coalition now we’re stuck with barely any maps, the hideos bloodsprays, stupid expressions and boring content in general plus gears to me now just doesn’t feel like a game anymore.


Recent thread discussing this. Lots of issues with live service games for sure.


It’s a slightly worrying change in the culture of gaming. There hae been times where I’ve been struck by the realisation that I should be playing games for fun, rather than to unlock something. It’s frustrating knowing that gaming has changed, and I’ve also changed with it to an extent. I think I need to take some time away from GOW5 and play other things which I do enjoy (I’ve finally gotten round to playing Alien Isolation and been playing Streets of Rage 4). It’s ironic really because I used to really enjoy GOW as a whole but this FOMO approach had burnt me out and once I’ve unlocked what I want I just stop caring anymore.

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At least there are still a lot of great non-service-based games out there

But still I just feel like the Gears of War franchise has a much potential, if gears 1-2 could reach a million sales and receive so many positive reviews than I feel that the newer gears game can still achieve that same greatness of being the game that used to always dominate all other games.And I understand that as time goes on it can be harder to make games these days but this is just me wishing and hoping that gears can make some changes.But at the same time I also u sweats d that games are a leisure activity and shouldn’t constantly have people bi*ching about why it’s bad unless if the game is actually very very bad.But even then, unless is the developers are charging so much money for small things,which I guess you could say happened in gears if we all remember how Griffin from gears 4 costed $15.00.Thats just ridiculous right there for one cosmetic but they still managed to make a decent gMe and thankfully it was just a cosmetic and not so major update that was necessary to buy to enjoy the game.

Oh and yeah there are some incredible non-service based games out there

I think this is why I believe that a game needs to be able to stand on its single-player mode. The service model seems to mostly be used for multiplayer (with the exception being episodic games, but even then single-player episodic ones don’t have that FOMO factor or the same level of customisation obviously because it’s single player). I’ve played many single player games which I’ve really enjoyed in the last few years - Assassin’s Creed Odyssey and Origins; Untitled Goose Game; My Friend Pedro… I’m also playing The Division 2 but just for the campaign which is pretty good - not fussed about the Dark Zone multiplayer sections at all and I think I’ll avoid that.

Or Ghost Recon: Wildlands. :slightly_smiling_face:
I found The Division 2 boring and the walls are too… magnetic!? :thinking:

Were you trying to wallbounce? :smiley:

No. But always pressing a button to leave the wall was a stupid thing for me! :roll_eyes:

what I want from operation 4:

-Terminators fix
-More Maps
-Lancer nerf
-Ranking system improvements
-Bug Fixes

What will we get with Operation 4:

-Bug Fixes
-Some kind of stupid change that further lowers the skillgap
-If they add another mode it’ll either be a poor man’s Beast Mode or Overrun
-Lancer will be buffed (because players were complaining they couldn’t fight a shotgun at close range they decide to increase recoil or bloom but increase damage even further, that sorta stupid reasoning)
-maybe 1 new map at best but I expect about 2 remakes. Pray they won’t bring back Mercy or Drydock.
-They’ll announce some kind of stupid DLC that nobody asked for or something related to Gears Tactics.

What’s bad about mercy and drydock?I personally want to have those two maps back.But I prefer Day One and Tyro Station first.

Yes, I can’t wait. Loving this game, can’t put it down. Excited for pve changes even though I’m happy how it currently plays. I’d like some better bosses but accept that won’t happen.

MS sent me a free £5 in my live messages so will save that for op4.

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It depends on what modes you play and how you play them.

For Horde in particular, both Drydock and Mercy are great, for MP not so much.

Understand I am a competitive player, I look at maps the way a pro would, how complex is the map (does it offer interesting situations/opportunities? does it have good or unique pickup weapons? Etc.) and does the map have good movement (there aren’t too many places for players to camp at and lancer you for the entire match type thing)

Drydock just becomes 2 opposing teams on both sides up top, its extremely stagnant and boring to play, Mercy is even worse as all you gotta do is camp up top (where the mulcher is) and you win, both of these maps are just awful to play competitively or in other words with 2 really good teams against one another.

I personally think Gears games should prioritize good MP maps over anything else, simply because horde is already very easy and even if you play on an odd map for it its still fun because of the challenge.

I want to be excited, I really do, but after what they did to Clay and his terrible set up in PvE, I don’t have much faith in Anthony’s, Ben’s, and Gary’s abilities. IF they even add any. The class system rework sounds great but my guess is they won’t add it til the end of Op 4. Hopefully, we get some more classes with Lancers and less with enforcers. And hopefully the lancer doesn’t change too much. If you’re still crying about it, that’s because you’re an idiot who can’t take cover.

I feel the gears 4 lancer more OP tan the new one, people really need to learn how to play with brain and no just jump into the fight with the gnasher


Nothing wrong with Clayton in pve. Almost essential for me in master.

My most wanted for op4 would be custom frenzy lobby.

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