Anyone excited for E3 June 2018

I am so excited for next week. I wanna see what Gears has got for us. I haven’t been this excited since I heard Gears 4 was being released. Praise the Coalition this is gonna be an exciting moment for them.


One can only hope they get it right this time…


What is E3?.is that weapon skin packs being updated finally.ty

I feel they will. I have always viewed GoW 4 as a beta for future games from TC in the GoW franchise.

No I’m not, but I look forward to the massive cringe in it.

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… the Minecraft drop had me. Lol.

I am. Just watched the 2010 edition, well the Gears bit where Cliff is on with Rod and others showing the 4 player campaign… I remember being so excited, and I was not disappointed. What an awesome package Gears 3 was and is.

Played the campaign with 3 Gears buddies over some Friday Gears and Beers nights, to this day the best experience I have had gaming.
I would love 4 player back for 5 and mutators in private matches


Lol, no.
It’s a yearly, annual electronic entertainment event of some sort.
They showcase new gadgets and games and such.

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Yep! I managed to book the day off work for it – new desk arriving that morning. Can’t wait to finally have my own space, again. Apparently it’s ~2 hours long, should be a good one.

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Im excited tosee more Red Dead redemption 2 and AC Odyssey

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Really excited for E3 this year… Can’t wait to see more on Anthem, Red Dead Redemption 2, and others at this years E3, and of course, hoping, praying for some Gears announcement.

Going to be a good year for gaming… Fingers crossed.

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Even if they don’t announce a new Gears game or if they do announce it and it is disappointing i am still looking forward to RDR 2 :smiley_cat:

I am ALWAYS excited for the E3, I celebrate it like christmas!

Really hoping to see some extra information about Kingdom Hearts 3.

Definitely Hyped for E3, it’s going to be another fantastic year no doubt.

For me, i’m mainly interested in hearing about:

  • Gears
  • Halo
  • Crackdown 3

Hi mate
Rockstar don’t show at E3

I forgot what E3 means but I used to watch the game channel alot back then and it’s called Electronic Expo Event or might be wrong. It’s where all the Gaming Companies can show off their products and games. And Gears of War will be showcased so tune in June 10

4 player campaign/arcade mode would be great. As long as its at least split screen co op.
Played them all like that with my wife. And its the only fame we play together.

Other than gears news its battlefield V for me.

For me I’m hoping for a Halo announcement although I don’t expect a new game this year. I’m happy with the 4K update for Halo MCC coming. As for everything else, I’m looking forward to maybe a Gears 5 teaser (but I don’t expect it), Battlefield, Forza Horizon 4 on Xbox. On PS4 it’s Spider-Man and Last of Us 2.

I can see Halo 6 being released this year because if it releases next year and if Gears 5 is also to releas at the same time then potentially both games will fight to attract players.

This is my prediction of what’s going to happen:

  • Halo 5 release in Oct 2015 (main series )
  • Halo Wars 2 releasee in 2017 (Side series)
  • Halo 6: release Holiday 2018 (main series.

For Gears

  • Gears:UE 2015 release (anniversary remake)
  • Gears 4 release Oct 2016 release (main series)
  • Gears spin off 2018 release (side series)

The point is… Microsoft don’t release two main series of their IP’s at once. They will release one main same for the first IP and a side game for their second IP with both releases at least somewhat apart. Then after a year of a side game release, then the formula is switched over with the first IP to release side game next and second IP to release main game.

(I tried to explain as simple as possible… but won’t be suprised if you got confused :P)

I hear you but so far they’ve denied any Halo this year and they’re been working on a MCC 4K update. Well, someone has anyway. We will see what we get but I’d rather them not rush it for the sake of making it 2018.