Anyone ever feel rusty?

I was out of town for a week and a half and just got back on today to play. Wallbouncing made me dizzy, my aim was off, hell even hard aiming in cover gave me vertigo. First match was KOTH and I came in dead last on the losing team. The subsequent matches weren’t much better.

So I was wondering. How long does it take you all to get back in your rhythm?

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Good post. I find that if I play Gears 3 for an extended time it effects my Gears 4 play detrimentally, which is not a great deal as I prefer Gears 3 .
Back to 4, usually I need a game or two (Hill) before I start to play anything remotely competent, bare in mind I’m rubbish at wall bouncing, so at least that does not take a hit!

…glass half full and all that.

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Even after 1 month of not playing I can get right back into the action in a matter of minutes, might be because I play on PC with K+BM, so the control scheme is incredibly familiar to me.


Good question. I’ve noticed I don’t play as well when I get home from a long day at work so I just stick to horde/social for maybe an hour before I’m too tired to play any further. But on my off days, I could play for 3-4 hours and be feeling it and do pretty well. It’s funny because ever since Gears 4 dropped, I don’t think I’ve ever gone more than 2-3 days without playing it at least once. And no I don’t really play any other games at the moment although I am considering taking a break to play something else just so I can see how much I miss Gears and the desire to come back, especially right before Gears 5 comes out but I don’t know about that because I’m just now feeling motivated to play more ranked since I’m really close to my very first diamond lol.


I’m usually the same way, first match of the day. But this time around it’s funny I’ve played an hour or two and although it’s getting better things are still sloppy.

Same here, and when I’m low on sleep I notice a difference. I’ve not gone more than 2 days since I started playing the game in January and don’t have a problem jumping in after 5-10 min warmup but it’s funny what 10 days have done.

Congrats BTW on the diamond grind I know you can do it!

I was happy enough hitting onyx this season and don’t feel like I’m diamond material for a while now unless I play in a squad and hit up the Red Bull with my sweatband on


I play every day and sometimes I just feel off my game. The Gnasher seems to be where I feel it the most. :persevere: On those days I just fall back on my lancer until I can get my rhythm/confidence back.


I definitely don’t play very good when i am tired. I make alot of stupid mistakes and my reactions aren’t as quick and precise. Some days i think i am just better off playing horde so i don’t rage. Lol

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I definitely do. I stopped playing for a couple of months and im still trying to get back into the swing of things.

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I routinely go four or five days without playing games at all. Usually takes a game or two to get back to the top of my game.

You’re still fairly new aren’t you mr. Britchez? I’m sure the more you play, the more it will become muscle memory, and you’ll get back to full potential faster and faster. :wink:

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trying firing from hip and playing the angles instead of hard aiming and wall bouncing. once you get a couple kills and find a rhythm its like riding a bike itll come back to you.

To be honest… I usually play better when I come back after not playing a while.:beers:

It’s an exceedingly high skill ceiling game, which is why I love it. And, because many of us aren’t just pointing and shooting like with other FPS games, getting the movement coordination dialed in is a real thing. I took 2 weeks off recently and was stumbling around in my first hour back. There is an annoying shot delay in gears that changes depending on what cover you’re on and what you’re doing. The trick to shooting fast often involves breaking short animation sequences to get the shot to come quicker. Balancing all this stuff does require maintenance of skills.

Then again, I have friends who do no wallbouncing, no trick shots, they just play it like they do other games and they are far less affected. My friends who montage are definitely the most affected by time away.

Yeah I’m sure that’s true. I do have some muscle memory but I recently switched to an elite with paddles so that needs some work again. And yes I’m definitely still new relative to most on the forums :+1:

I actually do hip fire probably as much or more than I hard aim/pop shot. I found that my aim and timing was off the wall even with that after the break.

Yeah I know from experience this is especially true for playing instruments and I’m sure applies just as well to this.

You hit the nail on the head there. And for me it’s even more challenging as most folks playing at a high level have been playing 20+ times longer than myself. But I enjoy that.

This I’ve noticed. Not only is there a delay but the way your gun aims depending on what angle you’re at behind cover seems to change. Players who can just pop shot from any angle any time and land their shots most every time have my respect. I notice sometimes I’m just on point with everything and other times (like recently) I’m struggling. It’s odd

I hear you. I’ve been playing Gears campaigns since 2008 but have only played multiplayer for less than a year. I am just starting to develop the movement instincts/patterns that other players have been honing since gears 3 and beyond. I try to ask high-level friends how they do certain moves and they often can’t explain it. It just comes naturally to them at this point.

The point you made about gun directions is so true. IMO, it’s a big reason for the perceived inconsistencies in the gnasher. I often review clips to see what I did wrong and see my character’s gun was inexplicably shooting down or to the corner of the screen. I’m learning to use a mouse now and that’s a whole other learning curve as it’s more responsive so I’m often shooting too early and the gun hasn’t swung around to face the opponent in front of me yet.

It’s all maddening but also what makes me love this game. The depth and nuance. I’m not even really much of a gamer but the complexities in Gears remind me of what you learn in boxing and martial arts, There’s a physics to gears that I’ve never seen in another game. Most of my friends are playing Fortnight now buy the combat in that bores me to no end because it’s so stiff and simple compared to Gears.

This pisses me off because when this game first came out, I was pretty decent. I would always be around the top 4 on the scoreboard and i would get kills fine. But ever since they released one of their early updates (probably the tuning), I just have not been performing the same. Quite frankly, when comparing myself to my early gears 4 days…I suck.

I just dont know what happened that made me start performing so bad compared to before. I mean, I even managed to get diamond on escalation back then. Now, I can barely get past onxy 1.

I just dont know how to get my groove back.

Keep in mind, the average Gears player is MUCH better now than even a year ago. The people still playing a game this old are mostly pretty hardcore.

As many tutorials as I’ve watched on YouTube (probably every single one) there are still so many nuances that just are not there yet for me. I find that I need to focus on one certain technique at a time, and then figure out from experience where/when said technique is useful, and then when it’s mostly muscle memory, move onto the next. It’s baffling how much skill is needed not only on the technical side but in the broader sense, I.e. “battlefield IQ”, knowing what to do and what NOT to do at any given point.

All the points you make about gears is exactly what draws me to it. I’ve tried others and get bored quick, including fortnite. The challenge and level of skill needed is what makes it rewarding and fun for me. But unfortunately it seems that we’re in the minority based on the playerbase vs games like fortnite. At least the community is there however large or small it is.

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