Anyone else win anything from the Rockstar drinks daily raffle thing? info there.

Unbelievably, I got an email from them today stating that I won an Xbox one X limited edition gears 5 console and a copy of gears 5.

I only had gears 5 via gamepass, so it’s great to have a permanent copy.

I was pretty floored. I’ve only ever won one thing previously in my 33 years on this earth, which was a signed postcard when I was 5. I’m also a chronic pain sufferer who currently is unable to work anymore, so I wouldn’t have been able to buy this bundle even if I wanted to (which I really did, as a gears fanatic since eDay).

Anyone else get lucky? I wish you good luck too.


Yeah, I won the truck. I’m going to drive it into the middle of their stream and scream FLASH-BANG!! out the window.


Congrats on the win! That’s awesome.

I haven’t tried it yet because I think Rockstar is horrible. But still, I’m happy you won that.

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Hey congrats.

I put in the required codes for the fee stuff and did not do anymore after that. how many codes did you enter?

I still have 2 full sets of rock start energy drinks with wal-mart and Circle K skins

(5 cans plus WM and CK codes)

Taco Bell has XBOX console give a way going as well. i am going to enter that.

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I entered 4 in total

Nice I did at least 8 codes in total.

The joys of RNG I guess

I never win in these sweepstakes/drawings. I thought no one else did, and it was just smoke and mirrors until your story of success. Congrats bro!

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Cheers! I had the same viewpoint too.

Hopefully it finds its way to me… I’ll post pics if/when it does :+1:


Great way to start your modelling career :wink:


My new career in hand modelling you mean, right? RIGHT? :rofl:

i have only won once and it was the taco bell ps4 when it first released that it came with knack also lol. other then that nothing .

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That’s a pretty great prize though man to be fair! :+1:

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Haven’t won anything from the Rockstar promo. But about 2 years ago, I won an Xbox One X from Taco Bell. It came with Forza and Gears 4.


yea it was i had one pre ordered in case lol at best buy.but i won and it saved me some money .

Nice :+1:

Hey anyone who can drink more then one can of that overley sugared crap deserve a free xbox one and copy of gears 5.Lucky you truly are.

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That’s awesome. Congrats.


I’ve been drinking Rockstar at least once a day since this promotion has been available. My body is starting to fail me and still no prize in sight…

Also, Congrats on the win

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