Anyone else upset about the Onyx Guard?

Lol ok this is the final record.

Casan and Valmero both at rank 10.
Both have the same dialogue, but with the voice changer.


More upset that “lift” is in this game.


His voice actor and dialogue was amazing from Gears 3. Why not just bring that back…


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If they have the same voice as the Gear, that will be disappointing but not entirely unexpected. Sucks cause I like the Onyx Guard (especially the female added in Judgment) but hate the Gear voices in 4 & 5 (especially the female).

EDIT: Honestly, just let me have Lizzie’s voice on the FemGear/Onyx Guard and I’ll be good.


That’s a relief. Still disappointed about how it’s just a reskin and everyone’s forced to be a unique character in horde, but maybe they’ll fix that sooner than later.

If its just a skin, does anyone know if onyx gets his own voice lines?
Being without ‘eat.the.gun’ would suck.

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Not only that but it’s the same voices from the default skins privates Vermelo and Casan. I was really hoping that they would’ve used the different voice actors from the story or even the actor from 3 but I guess not.

It’s the same, I noticed the onyx skin said “Onyx Guard Casan” which is the same as the female gear

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Apparently it’s the same lines as the COG gear but different voice. A damn shame, real. His dialogue & voice actor were superb in GOW3. Don’t know why they don’t just bring that back…


Honestly. They could cut and paste the Onyx Guard from Gears of war 3 into Gears 5 and I would like it wayyyyyyy better than this mess

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It’s whatever, I’m not the biggest fan of the male cog gear’s voice, but the skin is too good to pass up…
Keep those all black skins coming TC, that Marcus skin is top notch too.

Pretty disappointed, although when I heard the skin ‘onyx guard gnasher’ I got excited. Think it’s too much to hope that it’s the liquid onyx skins from gears 3?

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At least in Dead by Daylight, unique perks eventually can get shared by all survivors and killers respectively.

TC could implement that and I’d probably play horde again.

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I’m not upset because of the voice , because trust me , tone and expressivity can make helluva difference.
Is this guy even lifting?

Man would have loved some new voice lines or at least some for coolness and taunting I mean then again Onyx arent as threating as they were like the old Onyx would totally be threating and superior I mean if these guys were I would have loved a line that when an enemy is killed by you it its like ¨Go back to basics¨ or upon sniping somebody ¨Should have kept your head down rookie¨ idk something like that to make them seem threatening or a superiority complex


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If the Onyx skins don’t have any unique dialogue with Keegan that’s going to be such a waste.


Man I would have killed for that since Keegan is ex old school onyx and they are the new nerfed he could just at the start of a round go ¨Let me show you how WE did it!¨ or ¨Alright Cadets Im gonna show you how real onyx guards fought¨


My main hope and I would be really surprised if TC doesn’t cash in on it is if they make an Onyx Keegan with the original beefy Gears 3 armor. One can dream…gosh he would sound so intimidating and commanding with the Onyx voice changer

There is no reason to be upset or even disappointed. It is what it is. Gears 5 is different from GoW 4, which was different than GoW 3, 2, and 1.

The developers make the decisions and create the content. The players use what they are given and set the standards for how the game is played.

Make the best of what you are given. That’s all you can do.

That was a skin idea I had Onyx Keegan of course he is EX Onyx and is I believe upset about being on Azura as others fought and died so possibly he could either have the armor old normal or have the armor but with a twist like messed up and painted by himself like the words Azura across straight or diagonal on the chest or like up the leg you got the word comfort the other luxury since for a bit they kinda just sat there not doing much and the back has coward as if saying a message to those who kinda just hid on azura as others died in the war but of course normal armor would be cool with or without helmet