Anyone else upset about the Onyx Guard?

Edit: apparently the Onyx guard will still get a voice modder to sound like they did before, so I removed that part of my post.

Because the Onyx guard is a reskin, it means that if you wanted to play Horde mode and somebody picks the default cog gear, then nobody gets to play the Onyx guard. HOORAY!!!

The Onyx guard was literally going to be my saving grace for this game and it turns out that the Onyx guard is trash now.

Bautista doesn’t sound like Marcus tho. How do you know all this stuff?


What’s even better(or worse, depending on perspective) is that the Onyx Guard in the cutscene where Jinn tries to get Kait for her crazy idea to hook her back up to the hivemind has a rather deep voice, yet instead of using that voice actor or one of the actors for the random Gears throughout the Campaign, they use the higher pitched COG Gear voice for Horde and Escape that doesn’t sound intimidating or fitting of an Onyx Guard at all. At least, for the male Gear.


You can look up the voice actor for either the cog gear or Onyx guard in Gears 5, they’re played by the same voice actor

Wrong. The onyx guard will have Their iconic voice changer. Confirmed by Octus.


And if you’re wondering about how I know they’re a reskin, TC said so at the bottom of the operation 2 update

Why’d the Campaign Onyx Guards at the end of Act 4 on the New Ephyra wall then have the COG Gear voice? That’s just confusing.

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Because not everything is made on launch :clown_face:

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I mean shouldn’t most of this stuff be rather than drip feeding stuff?

I’m disappointed in the Onyx Guard too. It’s a real shame they’re just literal reskins for the COG Gears. I guess there’s still time to see if the voice lines will be any different but not holding my breathe. I wanted to hear Brian Bloom make a return.

Edit: I should read the whole thread. They will have unique voices. That’s good news at least.


Well, it’s the same voices and lines but with the cool voice speaker. Better than nothing.

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this is a “feature” of “everyone is a hero” system… they would have to come up countless ultimates and card sets if every character was its own hero… that’s why the skins approach, to re-use Heros…

It sucks…

I think it would be better if everyone just

  1. Picked their character,
  2. Picked the ultimate,
  3. Picked 5 cards

And off you go and play, “how YOU want to play”



Well then it’s back to being disappointed.

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Nevwr mind that you will (probably?) need to have the cog unlocked to play onyx, lol, so grind or pay for that too…

This is exactly how it should be. Or horde from GoW3 which is my favorite

Some bad news. We’re only getting the female…

Ok, that’s gotta be trolling, theres no way it’s literally just the female variant


Sad stuff

Never mind we good…image


I don’t know what to believe anymore.

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