Anyone else tired of the Gnasher fest?

Before I start, this is not a “Gnasher OP” rant. It’s not OP… Instead, this is more of me venting about the lack of “viable” weapons in multiplayer. More specifically, Gears 5. Wonderful game, and I am enjoying it. But I miss my custom loadouts. In Gears 4, I ran the Hammerburst and Enforcer. My loadout was geared for defensive close quarters and offensive mid range. I’d kite enemies with the enforcer, and pick them off with the hammerburst.

However, Gears 5 (outside of arcade/pve) does not allow me to incorporate my style of play (without running around the map, and waiting on weapon timers). Rather I’m thrown into a match, with the mediocre lancer, and best girl Gnasher.

Idk if it’s just me, but it feels like the ttk on the lancer is pretty high. Even with consecutive headshots. And body shots test my patience. Meanwhile the Gnasher is the only weapon in the default loadout the fits Gears’ CQC based combat. Which I do love.

Now, to the meat. Again, the gnasher is not OP. It’s just the only gun in the default loadout with any kind of viability. Lancer is ok but not enough. But I really just want them to go back to custom loadouts for multiplayer. I want that variety again. Let me hold down the fort with the LMG, give me a rapid fire defense option, let me kill from mid range. The problem I have with gears 5 is not the Gnasher, but the lack of variety, in viability.

Waiting for the burns now…



The hammer burst was broken in 4 until it was nerfed, but there was nothing worse than a stack abusing that weapon and the active reload. The weapon is perfect in 5 rn as a pick up. Should be on more maps but that’s a different conversation.

The enforcer, pretty useless IMO. But a round of applause to anyone who likes it.

The lancer is at a good state as well. Feels very similar to the GoW1 version and the reduction of stopping power makes MP more enjoyable.

And nothing beats the retro, that rifle is a lawn mower.

Overall, the rifles are at their best state IMO.


I saw the number’s and you’re right. I’ve come to find out I just suck with them. But the reason why I prefer the hammer burst even after the nerf is because It’s just easier for me to aim. And the enforcer if just so i don’t get rushed. I forces them to make mistakes and die or back off.

I’m glad you informed me though. I just have to get good with the lancer.

I love the Hammerburst, having preferred it since Gears 2, but both weapons in this game are not as good as their Gears 4 counterparts. Especially the Enforcer. You should get an achievement named “Why bother? - 5G” for picking it up.

As for your main point though, that is just the way it is.

Gears of War’s most popular and centred weapon will always be the Gnasher, the Lancer comes a close second. It will never change.

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I see that now. I really love the game but it’s starting to feel stale now because of it. It’s always going to be a great game, I just wish they made room for other weapons to shine.

Respectfully, gears is a gnasher fest. If you don’t want a gnasher fest, then the best course of action IMO would be to play another game.

They even put arcade in for folks who can’t get into the gnasher fest. Even I had fun for a bit in arcade. It’s perfect for that sort of sit back and rifle play style.

I’m not a purist. Gnashers only KOTH gets stale. Rifles have their place. But no. The gnasher should always reign supreme or it’s just not gears.

If you’re tired of gnasher play maybe work on your movement. Adopt a different play style. There’s a lot of different ways to use the gnasher. It’s not all LT and RT. If it were, that WOULD get boring.


Agreed. Lately I’ve taken a liking to a kamikaze playstyle. I just roadie and pull the trigger at. Kill range. It goves me a few laughs. And I’m not against the gnasher, it’s just the only weapon we use consistently. I just wish they had a way to make other weapons viable.

Kinda funny. 5 stack vs 5 stack last night on check out. I believe no one on my team died more than 3 deaths by Gnasher. We got smoked by a elite lancer stack. Hell they were even Chatting about Lancer use. If you haven’t noticed most of 5 maps and lift, reclaimed, blood drive, and check out. All lancer cross dominate. Kinda glad I didn’t waste my time reading post only title.

Guess you might of not been with this game at launch. It was OP Lancer dominate, changes have only recently made to focus on more Gnasher battle’s. Map design and certain maps still give major advantage to a coordinated stack using Lancer play. It’s a part of the game but by no means I feel this is a Gnasher fest. Specially at high rank levels. You play the map not the weapon.

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It’s not what I see in my matches. In my matches, everyone friendly and enemy, runs gnasher. Then again, I don’t play in stacks. I seldom come across one. Someone here pointed out that the rifle is strong. It’s true, but the gnasher both in my opinion and that of others still dominates the game due to it’s cqc orientation.

Tired of the Gnasher ? that’s not possible man … that’s what Gears its all about !!

Also I think the Freedom Lancer and the Stock Lancer are magnificent weapons.



It’s getting there but CQC is definitely not where it needs to be imo. The stacks (diamond and up)I mostly come across know what there doing. The majority of the maps atm are still Lancer centric. Holding down and controlling lanes. Hell herding you like cattle into a dominant Cross. This slowly slide speed doesn’t help either.

I know, but I just wish I could use more in Versus. I like the Gnasher, don’t get me wrong. But it just sucks that. I can’t build my loadout for my playstyle anymore. As unpopular as it may have been, the enforcer helped me counter rush attacks, snd the hammsrburst was easier for me to aim than the lancer.

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Welcome to the forum btw.

Thank you kindly. And wow. TBH I don’t even think I’m there yet. I played since 1 but I’m just now getting into it heavy. What you said, sounds like experience and tactics and I want to eat your brain and absorb your knowledge.

I get your point man … there should be more variety in that point.

by the way my friend welcome to the forums… you’ll have a great time here… :slight_smile:

Thank you. I can already tell. Imstead of people ripping on me for not having the same level of understanding, I’m actually learning.


Of course man … we all learn at the game and there isn’t anyone who knows it all.

I’ve been playing chess since age 5 and I still learn things I never knew they could be done… the objective its to share knowledge and having fun at playing a magnificent game either chess or gears of war :slight_smile:

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Thanks man. I do look forward to it. Like I said i really do love the game but i wish there was a way to make other weapons besides lancer and gnasher viable.

It’s kinda frustrating in a way. I see peoples complaints about matchmaking stacks vs Solo queue etc. So I see both points of view because I solo queue mostly but I do run with a stack. Stack matchmaking is based on the highest rank in your party. Doesn’t take your whole Rank as a team. So the higher you go more than likely if your going to see a coordinated stack. Based on the map and if our rotation is off and opposite team has a chance to setup and more likely than not they know what there doing. Breaking there setup sometimes is very difficult on certain maps. It’s still a Lancer fest.

As for what your saying. Yes there is a Gnasher fest also. I love CQC. It just doesn’t happen as much as I would like at higher levels, because it’s honestly based off map selection. Teams are playing for the Win. Every weapon is viable. When it comes to the majority of the maps choosen it’s only right to setup , cross, and pin your opponent down. By the time CqC happens pre damage leaves you at a disadvantage.

Even though this Lancer was Nerf. Believe me there are many players when coordinated can do Major damage and dictate the outcome of the match being Lancer dominate.

Training grounds is one of the worst. That map used to be fun but I rarely find myself voting for it now :joy:

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