Anyone else thinks mulcher got nerfed in PvP

It was a fearsome weapon at launch. Today it just felt… ok-ish… but nothing special like before…

Anyone else thought that?

I haven’t played a game mode in G5 that has mulch on it since like September outside of quickplay.

It just seems like a bad weapon all around, the tri-shot outclasses it. idk why both of these weapons are in the game, seems redundant but maybe there’s a key difference between them I’m missing.

Maybe it has something to do with removal of 30 m adheision. have you tried it up close

I’ve never found the mulcher to be good in this game. It’s a shadow of the gun it used to be

The Mulcher has less recoil and a larger clip size. In theory, it’s like the old Lancer while the Tri-Shot is like a Retro, I guess?

In practice, though, the Mulcher can’t kill a Boltok user faster than he can kill you, so it doesn’t have much use as a heavy. Only thing I’ve liked using it for is killing enemies left out in the open on Icebound. That’s about it.

Maybe it was the aim assist reduction. Mulcher in GoW4 was garbage but in 5 at lunch it was a beast. Yes, trishot was better but it wasnt night & day like in GoW4.

Not on Bunker I found it hard to kill people at a distance with it.

I agree it’s not good in PVE either. Trishot ftw.

I never noticed the recoil tbh. I suppose the clip size is larger but there never seems to be that many overall rounds in the mulch whenever Ive used it. The killing power leaves a lot to be desired for sure.

To be honest, I’m not really a fan of these type of heavies because they feel like ‘win harder’ weapons rather than win conditions like Drop/Boom and Longshot (on maps with strong vantage points). They’re literally “I have a control of the game, I’m going to sit on the lead with this/camp.” Otherwise the weapons are borderline useless.

Oneshot and even Mortar I feel were better weapons that compliment the general flow of a match.

Part of that is map design.

The heavy is always at the center of some open area, so it’s a team effort to get a hold of. However, with Gears 5’s map structure, there are too many centralized vantage points where one or two guys can down anyone coming near with simple Lancers. Giving them a heavy weapon only makes the issue worse, unless there happens to be a longshot on the map as well. Because that’s an easy head pop if they’re using cover.

Right, the maps that have heavies are designed with a ton of open space. Having them present with Longshot really trivializes their use. If your team has Longshot you basically have control of the heavy too which is why I see them more as a win harder weapons. Having topside control with a heavy w/o Longshot when long is present on the map is never as strong as just possessing Longshot on the map.

I don’t really like any current or pass maps (Mercy, Avalanche, Reclaimed etc) with heavies and long present at the same time because it limits all the avenues (usually from three to one) you can use approach a match. It also really hurts comeback potential for the other team because of how long they can potentially hold advantage just by having free reign over both for the price of one. They don’t have to consistently make plays to hold their lead, they can kinda passively sit on it with a tri/mulch and long in their possession. The only other thing usually on the map to contest it is nades and other common pickups which don’t amount to much. Having topside control with nades + heavy is still never going to be as strong as just possessing Longshot on those maps.

Now when snipe is absent (like current core Icebound weapon spawns) it just doesn’t make for the best experience in terms of match flow IMO. I know heavies aren’t present in Execution i’m sure in part because they’re just too slow and not worth contesting for the mode.

I’m more a fan of weapons that have immediate impact on the game. The ones that promote play-making, smart and snappy decisions. Classic heavies like mortar and oneshot can make for some great plays whereas mulch/tri are better used for cutting off routes/areas; holding a lead or advantage in most respawn modes.

I don’t expect them to bring back any classic heavies because I mean, now we have a mortar on wheels with the Freedom Lancer and the Longshot/Embar already did what the oneshot does for a match both then and now but still.

So yeah, its more of a map issue because even when Mulch/tri aren’t present Lancers + Long and strong vantage points can do the same thing. But at least when heavies aren’t there there’s usually something in their place worth contesting over Longshot.

Just some extra map theory behind how they’ve tackled this problem in the past :

Reclaimed has snipe opposite of topside and behind nades so it’s harder for them to get away with it. (Also using some of the theory with Escalations placement of all the power weapons near bottom spawn since top spawn has high side advantage)

Checkout has nades right next to Mulch and they can be retrieved before long and tossed into the box where long has its strongest vantage point

Campdrive has buzzsaw’s placement backside so it’s a tool better for flanking and breaking spawn/nade room camping rather than holding any advantages.

Longshot just doesn’t exist on Mercy.