Anyone else think the swarm are a lazy knock off of locust and unoriginal for gears monsters?

I remember when Rod said in an interview that the game will go back to human vs monster and they showed us the pouncer enemy from the e3 reveal for gears four as well but I can’t help but think that the humanoid swarm are a lazy rehash of the locust. Their creatures ( pouncer/snatcher,etc) are cool but the bipeds themselves are lackluster gameplay wise and what I mean by that is they are pretty much the exact same as the locust the way you fight them. They have the same weapons and everything, even the same class names like grenadier, sniper, etc. and the thing that I think kind of kills it for me is that they’re in some way related to the locust. I was hoping that they were a new unique monster. Not reskins of classes and names as the locust. It would’ve been cool if the had their own guns, classes and ranks every etc. They should’ve had their own unique names like invader or Stalker or something I don’t know. I even think it would’ve been cool if the scions were still a thing but instead of them being allies they fought the swarm. Am I being too harsh on them and just blabbering or does anyone else agree with me that they expected a “new” monster that played differently than the previous ones? What do you guys think?


I don’t think they’re a “lazy knock off”, a crucial point you’re forgetting is they are the Locust.

Plus it would make even less sense for a random new “monster” species to magically appear after all this time for the sake of a new game.


I agree that there is a lack of variety of Swarm enemies. I hope there will be some new variants in GOW5. I wonder what happened to the likes of the Kantus, Berserkers and Reavers.

If we take GOW4 as the first of a new trilogy, we need to accept that GOW1 had relatively snall range of enemies too and it was only by GOW3 that the enemy roster had gotten much bigger.


What this guy said!!! :wink:

They are different enough to show some sort of evolution has occurred, which I think is the vibe they were going for…

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Apparently, you have forgotten about the GLORIOUS DEEBEES!!!

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This is my theory as well. We should see more variants as the games progress with the Warden being 1 example. Also I personally think that the Reavers evolved into Snatchers.

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I always thought the locusts look silly with their muppet faces. If we had Swarm originally and then locusts came in, people would be bashing the locusts.


I thought in the campaign that the scions were the locusts and the swarm was the scions army that they grew in the pods? Did i miss something somewhere because i remember Marcus telling JD that they burned all the locust.

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Technically yes, the Scions are the original Locust, but it’s still the same genetic line.

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I guess they had to get the dna from somewhere. But to the OP no I think that they are a pretty cool advancement from the locust and definately more monster like. The Imago has claws and the gross looking crystals growing off of the snipers and scions are just awesome looking.

They sort of look like locusts on Bane juice from Batman so I think they did a great job on the charcters. I was disappointed that most of the pack charcters were locusts. I wanted to see Savage Swarm Grenaders and maybe a Kantas version of a swarm instead of the standard locust and armored versions.

The didn’t burn them. They buried the crystallized locust. They couldn’t figure a way to destroy the crystals.


Venom…you mean Venom.

I had to.


Nerd alert!!! Nerd alert!!

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Hush, Clown! :joy:

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I think they’re just… boring. A bunch of orange, shrimp=things running around with no characteristics. All of them wear basically loincloths and rags.

And the Pouncer, Snatcher and that fat-slug thing that I can’t remember the name of, but it looks like a Mancubus from DOOM, they’re all meh in design because all it boils down to is… smooth, orange shrimp monsters.

Reptilian monsters > shrimp monsters.


Reptilian monsters > shrimp monsters.

Great minds, I came to post Crocodiles >>>>>>>>>>>>> Crustaceans.

At OP, yes and like many things in 4 they are at the very least “a nod” to the Locust and previous Gears.

The Swarmak just looks like it has been to Clair’s/or been “bedazzled”
Juvvies are wretches
Trackers are Tickers
Carrier is a Gunker
etc…I could go on.

Anyway it doesn’t matter as TC are bringing our beloved REALDEAL Locust back into the War in 5…I hope :slight_smile:

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I wonder if The Chimeran aliens could make there way to Sera

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Ironically the Swarm probably seem closer to the Chimera than the Locust these days.

I love Resistance 3 (and the series), great game and I always thought it the closest thing to Gears on PS. albeit 1st person.

The campaign in 3 is excellent.