Anyone else think the ruby scion challenge is a joke?

Look I know this Challenge is meant for the “hardcore gears players”. But seriously who’s insane enough to do this on ranked matches only? I mean if at least co-op Vs. AI counted, then yeah it wouldn’t really take so long. And you obviously can’t Boost no more either. But I read online that you have to get 67 Kills every single day if you’re willing to get this challenge done, which is ridiculous! And oh let’s not forget about that slaying achievement they did back at March! Obviously players (like myself) that earned that achievement are extremely pissed off that they added this challenge. I really don’t know what was going through the Coalition’s head when they decided to create this stupid challenge.


I gin it for social/core playlists but other than that no thanks… I like the concept of a grindabke character like in the gow3 days

Complete joke man…how can you say it can be earned almost anyway but then say oh its ranked only now? Trash Company at it again

I’ll go for it. Not a big deal for me personally, it’ll get me back into playing ranked. Plus I can knock out both challenges at the same time this way

I will get it. 6k isn’t that bad!

Agreed this will be cake dude… KotH and even some Guardian and you will have this in no time…

Wait, wait…did TC just say that Ruby Scion could be earned with kills across all game modes? When did they change this to Ranked only? Did I miss something?

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I’m happy with the decision and even more happy seeing those who were gonna boost it get their panties in a bunch

67 kills a day, plz that’s one match 20 min koth


The description on the X Box achievements tab refers to the 6000 kills needing to be done in ranked games.

Also kills in social games are not being included in the achievement tab tracker.

Thing is, the challenge hasn’t appeared on player’s reward page trackers on the official website yet either, so it’s difficult to know what has happened. It may be a mistake on TC or MS’ side where they’ve messed up the challenge requirements; they may have changed the requirements knowingly last minute; or maybe the description is just written wrong and the achievement tab is not recording the kills - possibly a display glitch but the kills are being recorded (in which case this would presumably be an MS issue)? Who knows at the moment?

The Community release did say across all areas but honestly the point of getting it is to show your “DEDICATION” running through Horde and against AI doesn’t really show that…Id be happy if it was only on Ranked.

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There’s a chance to get 67 kills in koth and one time I got 80 kills in koth

67 kills a day is nothing ,espically playing king of the hill

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It’s all an attempt (poorly constructed and communicated) to keep ranked matches full. Somehow I both applaud keeping the game alive and hope to see them accidentally make the Scion craftable at the same time.

yes keep the game alive. 1-4 koth matches a day . Win a trophy instead of getting one for showing up. it will mean more.

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RUBY SCION CHALLENGE! Not ruby scion hand out !


Here is the original post from there community page:

Beginning Tuesday, July 3rd, you’ll see a new Ruby Scion Challenge appear in Gears 4. To take home the Ruby Scion, you’ll need to get 6000 Versus kills before the end of Season 4 – whether that’s in Social, Ranked Play or Co-Op vs Bots.

Why would they put this and still mess up on the achievement description. This quote is still in that community page as of today.

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Like @Bleeding_Pepper stated

It could still be in all game modes

Horde was not included for this as the requirement specifies 6000 VERSUS Kills. Horde is completely out of the option.

I dont consider Horde a “Mode” Horde is trash now. that’
s not what I meant by all modes…I was talking about Social, Ranked and Co-OP

Didn’t know. From your previous quote you did mention horde. That’s what threw it off