Anyone Else Still Dislike GP and Eliminations?

Hello everyone,

Either I’m old school and/or stubborn. I still don’t see how GP based scoring is accurately measuring skill in ranked play. I can’t bring myself to accept kill and assist being scored as equivalent. I don’t see why in TDM [ and other modes]a player with 12 kills and 3 assists will be awarded the same amount of points as another with 6 kill and 9 assists.

I personally quiet playing ranked since the GP system was introduced, But I’m attempting to get back into ranked TDM and KOTH as of Operation 5. I do like some of changes made to the GP system. I just think kills and even the most minor of assists shouldn’t be scored equivalently.

Assists are far too easy to earn GP from. And I personally think elimination-based scoring has caused me to play less effectively in all ranked modes except free-for-all. Having an incentive to earn kills just makes ranked mode more competitive and more engaging in my opinion. I will probably stick to playing FFA only, if I can’t get used to GP.

Please share your thoughts and opinions


I’m fine with GP and Eliminations. Depending on the mode…

If it’s objective based like KOTH I believe it should be Eliminations to promote going for the OBJ.

But kill modes like TDM, Guardian and whatnot should be kills like FFA. But there are grey areas like Gridiron.


I think eliminations make skill based scoring inaccurate. The older points system was better for measuring and gauging a player’s performance. I still think kills should be scored over assists in every mode. Downs, revives and spotting should also earn players points.

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I think it was solition for those steal kills situation. In that case elimination do its justice

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It’s not a good solution for kill stealing. An assistance counts as kill system similar to battlefield’s would have worked better. E.g. if your down is stolen you still get a kill. Kills could also be rewarded for high damage assists.

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I miss the scoring system.

People can take my kills if they really need 10 points lol


I have mixed feelings about GP and eliminations.

On one hand i feel like adds incentive for players to focus fire, teamshoot, and cross more often.

It does feel disingenuous to a degree, for obvious reasons. 1 lancer bullet can net you an elimination if you time it right.

However in every game, the best player will still come out on top, and the players in that game know who did most of the work. Just let your gameplay speak for itself.

I think the pros outweigh the cons.

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The old scoring system of rewarding low points for stolen kills was better. Plus under the old system kills and assists earned points based on damage.


I’ve said this many times before that “Eliminations” are ridiculously easy to acquire and therefore result in a mostly inaccurate scoreboard post-match.


Thing is TC didn’t know how to score accordingly to the ranking system so we got GP.

I remember in TDM I played with an old friend who looked awesome on the stats sheet, 12-4 … then you look at damage & it’s like 400 points lol… not knocking them.

just saying elims is the noob version of scoring.

Everyone gets to feel good for being mediocre

Like in king I had 20 downs & the dude with 50 elims & 5 downs gets MVP. Taking my leftovers.

That dude was just taking my kills & boosting himself while I just got like 30-40 elims to their 50-60.

I’m sweat battles I don’t even take kills, too busy engaged trying to figure out a formula to win. Which we did, but the player who does most damage isn’t recognized anymore.

More so the scrub thief.

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The new system doesn’t reward skill enough. I played a TDM that was essentially a 3 v4. One of my teammates did basically nothing for two rounds. Yet, because we won my teammate, that spent most of the match idling and hiding, was reward with extra GP. People on the losing team played much better than my idling teammate.

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The feeling you got from seeing your name next to 20000 points was rewarding and when you had a bad first round you were aware just how bad It was and it made you want to be better and master the game in ranked. Getting damage points, down points, revive points has always been a part of gears of war and now they give us ugly commercialised characters that no one wants. Bring back the old scoreboards, Master rank means nothing now and eliminations are pointless, a kill is a kill an assist is an assist. If it’s to do with kill stealing then fine give the kill to the person who downed the player or to the person that did the most damage problem solved, but I think it’s to do with making low skilled players feel like they put in a shift, but all they have achieved is an unrewarding leaderboard for all the good players, MVP means nothing because of caps on all the points you can gain and because the person putting in all the work doesn’t get damage points it’s actually a joke

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I simple solution would be to go back to scoring system present in Gears 4. Game points could simply be converted to GP via a formula. Like you I feel no reward from seeing 90 eliminations in a KOTH match. Most of elimination were assists , that can be earned from doing 1 lancer bullet worth of damage to enemy.