Anyone else’s time on The Malfunction not updating?

Now I’ve only done three runs on this hive so far - two Beginner test runs and an Inconceivable run, but only the time on the first Beginner run appears to have registered, not the Inconceivable run. They were all in Custom so it probably isn’t an issue with those lobbies.

I’m hesitant to tag anyone from TC on this at this moment because I can’t tell if it’s an actual leaderboard bug or just down to server problems because I do see some people have gotten better times on the hive.

Ditto. I noticed that the leaderboards look really weird in terms of time so I suspect the servers turned to mush shortly after the op went live.

I also noticed something else that seems off. I’ll give a hint : Take a closer look at the doors on The Clock. I used it to mess with a friend when I noticed something was off with them.

I intend to investigate other hives with the big doors later on as well. See if things are the way they’re supposed to work on ‘em too.

Good job my first run on it was a master run :wink:

Well I’ve just mastered the hive on second try. First attempt was with the host as Lahni, me as Kait and Keegan but that didn’t really go down well. Second attempt, I was still Kait, host Mac and a Fahz replaced Keegan who left after the failed attempt. Didn’t really run into any problems, no one died either and we were pretty much always far ahead of venom. Didn’t even have to use Cloak once.

Not sure if anyone ran Score Boost(judging by the COG tags being picked nobody did), but it was a good enough run to get a top 1% placement. Will see if that holds up but it hopefully is enough to at least stay in the top 5.

I imagine with a Mac and a Fahz you would get more Headshot kills, which may have contributed towards a better time. My time was a 2% placement with a Keegan, Lahni and Mac.

It also may be because a lot of people have returned to the game and played this hive, as opposed to the end of Op3 where the population wasn’t as high.

Plus, the meatshield glitch (if it still exists post-op4 update) isn’t useful in this hive because you can’t meatshield the DeeBees.

I’ll enjoy the 16,000 coins from my top 5% placements over the next 3 weeks (might be more, I’m not completely sure).

Our team found the ending a little rough, with the Sentinels and Devastators causing havoc with the salvos. Wasn’t too bad in the end but I found that RNG on that map can make things difficult.

Fahz pretty much just wrecked anything from range. Anything else, I would take care of with Kait. The Sentinels were also not really an issue. Killed them easily, one headshotted by Fahz in X-Ray and the other got a dose of Overkill when it faced Fahz and Mac. The trick is to trigger the Sentinels to come after you only once the DR-1s with the Bastions are dead and you cleaned up some Snipers and Shepherds. Makes it a lot easier to kill them.