Anyone else remember this?

Gears 3 and Gears 5 can play nice together.

I love them both!!!

I love all GOW games.

Well… except Judgement… that was crap.


I have both of those Gears 3 items proudly on display.

Also Judgment gets a lot of sh*t but there were some good things about it


Stop hating on Judgment.


Don’t mind me I’m just here to flex my little collection too :grin:

And agreed on J.


I have the marcus statue and they have the kait at walmart but i havent gotten it yet


I just pre-ordered the Gears 5 Kait.

It comes out sometime in October.

It looks really nice. Can’t wait to get it.

Check Gamestop online for it.


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That’s like $64 though. the kait at walmart is $11 i think

Yeah… it’s a bit more money.

I think it looks really nice though.

Yeah. My house smelled like melting plastic for a long time after cracking open the Epic Gears 3 box and pulling out that Marcus statue. They needed to let those things off-gas for a bit at the factory before shipping them out.

I wanted to hang that COG gear from my rear view mirror but I’m sure it would have shattered my windshield on the first bump in the road. That thing has some heft to it.

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I still have the metal CoG gear from pre ordering gow 3.

Gears of war judgment was a good game. It just wasnt a good gears game. But as a standalone it was good.

Judgment’s campaign was awesome. It was a tense affair and it through a lot more enemies at you than any other previous game. Really made it feel like the panic that would have been there around E Day.

Overrun was also brilliant. I loved that so much. I wish it would make a comeback.

The Versus mp is where it suffered and I really did not like it. No downs, no locust, reticle constantly on screen, poor maps, STIM GRENADES, These lended to a poor versus experience.

Here’s some of my stuff…

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It was one of the better Call of Duty games.

Gears5 is a decent Tomb Raider game.

I remember the stim grenades. Id go into a match with stim and retro lancer while most ran in with shotguns. If they got close id drop the stim and spray the retro till they died. Unless they got a 1 shot on me they couldn’t drop me with the stim up. It was pretty powerful if I could go toe to toe with a gnasher using a retro and win most of the time.

It was a joke.

I know. I was adding to the joke :slight_smile:

Good god I remember having the gears 4 elite controller box in my hand when it came out and I ultimately handed back because “it cost too much”. Well I eventually bought one (or 5, they break) for the same price and now that thing is 900 dollars on amazon. The d pad is so dope, also functional!

Never got the marcus statue but plan on buying one used BUT I did get the Gears 3 Limited Edition Console so that was pretty rad to grow up with.