Anyone else randomly kicked from ranked matches?

I was in a Ranked TDM. Suddenly I got the disconnect symbol and my game froze for 30 seconds before kicking me back to lobby and giving me a 15 minute ban. This has happened more than a few times since the game has been out. I rarely have a high ping,… I don’t think it has anything to do with my own connection… it happened again today twice. One time my game froze completely and I had to turn of my Xbox. The other time it kicked me to menu and said I was removed from game…

Edited my original post because it was obviously an angry rant :woman_shrugging:t3:


Well, I assume with 9-0 you were in round one?

Honestly I don’t believe this is some sort of personal attack against you for doing well, just a connection issue.

In 4 it happened to me sometimes. I would load in, vote on the map, and then me and my whole party would get kicked to the match making lobby with a 30 min penalty for each of us.

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Definitely not a personal attack lol. It happened to multiple people today. Coalition is sitting in their office counting the millions they just made on a 30% complete game while people are being kicked from lobbies that have no apparent lag. It’s a joke. The matchmaking is a joke. The weapon skins are a joke. The updates have been jokes. I’m super annoyed because they keep claiming that they are “listening to the community” but every single thread I have seen has been against every single thing they have done to the game. It’s gears judgement alllll over again. I just played a tdm and got ranked against a 5 man team and 2 people on my team went 1-10…

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I just got booted from quick play.

FN quick play.

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Christ. The sense of self-importance of the OP! :smiley:


Not sure what you are referring to but this is not only happening to me bud.

I’m also not happy about the state of the game. I have voiced my opinion and I will defend my point of view, but basically I just don’t play the game anymore.

I honestly recommend that to people that aren’t happy with it because there isn’t a point to play something that you’re not happy with.


I just got removed from the game and I wasn’t even playing.

Like woah.


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I agree, no matter what I’m done with tc’s interpretation of the game. Gears 4 was boring and 5 was gallant effort: but tc should leave gears of war to someone else and start a smuggling ring or something as they’re a bunch of snakes. I’ve requested a refund and if i don’t get it I’ll have them remove the game anyway. I still haven’t received my bonus items , I’m not one to grab my ankles for anyone, i want "gears of war ,"not “gears,” thank you kindly!

I can just see this now. Out of the 3 mil or so that’s played since launch TC specifically selected this individual. Then proceeds to keep a very close eye on his progress and right when he’s about to reach Silver 2 they flip the switch and boot this kid. Villainous laughter pursues and the goal of the fall of “The Great Hella Sponge” is now complete. It’s said TC made this game just to mess with you, OP.

You would actually have to believe this was true to make this thread. Now THATS what’s scary, folks. :flushed:


Yes you are so good, theyre targeting your Xbox specifically

Conspiracy ! They’re coming for you dude! Lock your windows and doors! You’re just toooo good for this game!

(But I do agree with you about the stupid matchmaking penalties for disconnects that are not the players fault) lol.

R u stupid?

You nerco bumped a thread that’s four months old just to ask a guy who was clearly being sarcastic if he’s stupid.

I can’t even


what an IDIOT! lets all point and laugh

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