Anyone else pulling the trigger and nothing?

Go to shoot, maybe every 5 minutes it’ll happen, the gun won’t shoot you have to pull the trigger multiple times?

This is always been a problem but over the last week it seems to be really really bad.


Drive mes up the wall when this happens. Worst is when you see and hear your gnasher firing but due to do to slight delay in internet stuff you die anyway lol.

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PVP or PVE? I know in Horde, it’ll happen when there’s a shooty related mutator like Must Active Reload that gets buggy.


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I blame the fornicator


Yea, thats such crap… It can be infuriating.

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My teammates’ lancers seem to always have this problem


Your teammates have lancers?

Usually not

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I’m glad I’m not the only who experiences that

It’s called lag comp.

But it doesn’t really exist.

Only effects those with decent internet.

Nothing to see here.

Close thread.

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This happens to me when gamebar is on and the mouse goes near one of the boxes I have pinned.

Not sure if this is the same cause as yours.


I notice this happens with the lancer when u try and reload when running, it started when they (fixed) the reload/chainsaw jam issue.

U run and reload the lancer but nothing happens and when u try n shoot after u stop running it wont shoot till the gun reloads again.

Another nonbeliever.

It’s fine man. All your threads about pc advantage were scholarly.

Has been a thing for years…


You know, because of this I’ve pretty much quit KBM and have begun to stick to controller.

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OG Post.


What can I say this is Gears 5

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I have noticed lots of bugs more than ever now but other people think I am making things up and Gears is the only online game I play nowadays. Not like they who only play the game a couple of hours per week maybe :-s

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It’s so bad right now… It happens multiple times a game now

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