Anyone Else on the 1% leaderboards for Escape The Surge?

Anyone Else on the 1% leaderboards for Escape The Surge?

I am trying to figure out where the 1% bracket ends and the 2% one starts.

i got to (-6:01) on Friday which put me at 640 on the 1% leaderboard however since the weekend i have dropped down to 840.

I am wondering if anyone is in the 1% and over 1000 on the ranking?

I am trying to find out if i am safe with my current time or need to try and get a better one before the weekly reset. It basically impossible to find out where the 1% leaderboard ranking ends and the 2% one begins.

Did you just play on Master and run to the left? hoping that you didn’t get shot? lol

No played on Incohivelable and killed everything

I played on Inconceivable and ran through everything, escaped in less than 3 minutes.

However, My leaderboard time was 3 minutes. How does that make any sense.

Killing enemies takes -25 second off your time. Each one. Dog tags collected takes like 320 seconds off. These all help

Plus marked kills, headshots, executions etc all help.


What delta said. In the 1% too, What you do and how you play matters. Did the knife to gunfight achievement today too on surge. I think you’re fine man on staying on the board there.

Her electroknife can MELT time off the board. Bunching them up for a nice shredder melt doesnt hurt either.


God damn im on the top 2% and I can’t get any higher :frowning:

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i am 2% with 5 sec, And i just runned trough it. got a pouncer in the end which screwed the time a little bit.

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Can we play. Every time I try do it properly my team mates are silly. Best I’ve got Is 7% with bone heads

I have Lahni as main character in Escape. So just add all the bullet resistant cards and nimble and the a score boost card. I guess you can add 2. Then just run like crazy.
Left - left - left (take stim and flash or go straight to safe room) Run like crazy again - Right - right hold left at the juvies - right - right
If you have flashbang you can use them on the scions with salvos especially if you have friends running with you. keep running to the lever pull it and hide behind the cover. This is important, otherwise the salvo scions or hunters will shoot at you or keep walking towards you.( had randos running around or trying to shoot at them… so just try to stay behind cover as long as you can even if theres enemies comming close. this will prevent the AI to walk toward the exit.

Iam EU time by the way.

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Same I’m EU
Add me

Ill add you NP

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I main Emile
Would that go ?

will see, I had some people surviving with me. One Mac and Keegan. ( most people dies trying)

I have shield bubble . I’ve upgraded the card a bit so it lasts a while

Dont think it will be ready to use

Not grate but my mac has 20% health increased meaning it could be the difference between life and death I suppose. But I can upgrade it with all the scrap I have. It cost only 120

I do think you will gain XP and cards if I complete the Hive. I got like 8 yellow cards running that hive.

Let’s do it