Anyone else noticing the lag?

Has anyone else been noticing the random lag spikes that are happening among all players? some games I have it and my team does, other games the opposite team does. I attached an image and all 3 of us that were above 100 ping were going between 80-120 ping constantly, with no steady ping like the opposing team has. I’ve only taken notice of this in the last day and I’m surprised I haven’t seen anyone talking about it besides the group I play with.

something else I’ve noticed since the game came out is the delay that seemingly happens when you run up to someone with a gnasher, shoot them, seems like your bullet came out first with your barrel down their throat, yet their shot got off before yours, even though it shows you shot first. I feel like the lag spikes are making that situation worse, just my opinion though.

So let me know if you’ve been experiencing this

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Lag? In gears?? You on drugs??? :yum:

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My ping has been fine and steady, holding under 50ms, with the occasional exception in a quick play match that must be on a distant server.

Despite the healthy ping, the game sure has felt like there’s something very wrong . All the symptoms you listed with gnasher not dealing enough damage, plus gnasher simply not shooting (and this isn’t just when coming out of a roadie run), not seeing opponents’ animations before they gib me from what seems to well outside the gib range.

I do see the icon that I believe means packet loss in every match about once per minute

UK player, most public games played yesterday (16th Nov) ping was over 200 all the time