Anyone else noticed TC's funny definition of "we didn't add it into Gears?" Very crafty double speek

So I think with two specific examples we can start to suspect it’s a (mini) pattern…

Community loudly objects to some stupid feature’s Gears 5 implementation, and their defense is “ohh, it was in past gears, we didn’t add it to G5, it’s not fair to attribute it to G5! It was in past games!” Then, sometime later, in a much quiter voice they add “we just really cranked it waaay up AND added new OP elements to it, for G5, but the high level feature wasn’t our idea. We just made it really stupidly OP”.

Example 1: aim assist.

Aim assist isn’t new in g5, they say! GoW4 had it! Yes!
Then: we just cranked up friction and bullet magnetism, and introduced this new thing called adhesion, but see, GoW4 had ‘aim assist’ too!"
Expecting us to be complete idiots and not notice the HUGELY DIFFERENT implementation and effect of their changes…

Example two: auto aim melee

We didn’t create auto aim in melee, goodness no, past games had it too!
Then (from yesterday’s dev stream) “we just greatly increased the arc in which it activates AND we added the 5meter command lunge to it, but no, we didn’t create the idea of an auto aim melee!”
Again, expecting us to be morons and just accept that since past games had an implementation of auto aim melee they should be free to completely change it, add new elements to it, and expect us to accept it, because they aren’t adding a new “concept” to the game, lol…

Replies like that make me think either they are idiots or they think we are idiots. Or both…


I agree. The wording of things they say irritates me.

Like how the status update they did for ranked said things like: “some players experience extreme point losses or gains after a match”.

It wasn’t some players, it was practically everyone. At least have the balls to admit it and not try and lessen how great of an impact it caused.

The aim assist thing you mentioned was the most extreme example though.

Saying that every gears game had it, but ignoring the fact that none of them had the new adhesion feature, which is the thing we were complaining about, is really disingenuous.


They point system was sooo broken…

I played a 1v5 koth round ( was 1v5 the whole round my team left in round one), got a cap and a break and went 7-3 in kills and got negative move in points. Not a lot, but still negative… lol…

Excellent thread. I just do not understand this and it frustrates me to no end.

Then they want to talk about the matchmaking and compare it to Overwatch and Leage of F Legends! What the hell!?

I know the horde people HATE when they give the excuses/reasons for not being able to play who you want and such.

My problem is simply their decisions on things. I don’t even complain about the bugs and glitches for the most part. I didn’t say anything about the dupe glitch for example.

But why this level of aim assist/adhesion? Why this melee stupidness? Why the quantity and quality of these maps?

Why the need to do this and that like lowering the gnasher ammo count in order to justify the illusion of what needs to be done to only have one tuning BUT then not truly have just one tuning? WTF!?

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Like somebody said on reddit, they turned the game into a cosmetic starved, casual, and grindy mess and then profit. If casuals feel like they’re doing good (as a result of the strong aim assist) then they’ll stick with the game and in turn spend money.


Ohh, I laugh and scream at their replies.

It gets confusing when there are two Kaits, you don’t know which one to call.

What do we do in ranked? We use the taccom!

And they they have the audacity to say that THEY play at a HIGH LEVEL, so they have a different perspective (paraphrasing from yesterday’s dev stream).

I’m sorry, Ryan, I REALLY don’t think your “high level” is higher than Master level ranked, and those people use the taccom all the time for callouts, without any problems…

And you people played Horde at “high level” for SIX MONTHS (again, dev stream) and couldn’t master taccom callouts?? Seriously? Then you shouldn’t be the measuring stick of what players can and ccannot do, and what confuses them and should be removed…


It is also very strange to read what Ryan Cleven aka NodeZero wants and what we actually get. Did y’all see he is thinking about adding a director’s cut tuning and/or setting into private match as an option?

Who is really calling the shots for the MP if not the multiplayer design director?

He has also talked about lowering the gib range and how one shot downs would give the gnasher more depth.


Lol, so much for respecting what players want…

This whole “earned your trust” is BS.

It’s like “we showed you we COULD make a game kinda like a Gears game, so now lets change it all for the next one”


Or when they do something, get backlash and claim it was a mistake or bug.

Once, twice even three times but come on…


Bingo…You know why? Cause TC is all about that money from microtransactions and selling a game worse than the previous one. Honestly Gears 6 will have to be the best one in the franchise otherwise I might not buy it

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It’s their specialty

This whole game has terrible wording. Even down to the achievements.

They really need to be less evasive and alot clearer on things

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On Twitter node said that the Gib range was actually much further in Gears 1 through 4… but it sure doesn’t feel like it

To be fair if you visit any of the devs twitter accounts which I have been checking out thier Tweets there is a large margin of people yelling not knowing what they are talking about. Yes there are several things off about gears 5 combat but I think those yelling remove aim assist do not understand that this game without a shred of it would greatly change the way gears games would play. If anything the values need to be adjusted. The current values are imposing and I haven’t yet seen it since the update but I also dont hard aim a lot but once I was aiming and someone ran by and it grabbed the reticle and made me miss the shot. It’s definitely a let’s tweak this and that until it becomes consistent but complete removal of things would not change this for the best.

That’s why it’s important to have respectful and helpful conversations about the games state so that discussion can progress. To scream and yell trash game, games dead, these guys suck isnt constructive and as people we are less likely to go out of our way for those who are being nasty it’s just human nature.

I have seen them trying to steer this in the right direction. I can appreciate that. That is all I wanted was some insight. I don’t get answered when I ask a question but that is OK if they see it, they know about it. May not get addressed but as more and more address it gains traction. Being the loudest person on the room does not always met the results that are needed or wanted. Just some food for thought.

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Companies talking to their consumers like they’re stupid or ignorant is so irritating. And it’s so stupid in this day and age too, I think people genuinely appreciate honesty and accountability and transparency. Like even if I/we don’t like something it would at least help to understand WHY that was done and if we know we are free to disagree or not. But companies try to protect their image and just make themselves look dumber. TC is getting more love know because they’re finally like “ok we effed up here’s what we are doing to fix it” and actually communicating. ITS NOT THAT HARD!!!

The best example of this…I don’t know how many people here follow baseball, especially our U.K. brothers and sisters, but during the height of players getting busted for steroids/PEDs, players would just deny deny deny and then get fully exposed as liars and were villified for it. Then there was Andy Pettitte who got busted and was like I did it a couple times but i didn’t like it and now nobody even cares. But on the other hand you have Ryan Braun who not only denied it but led a smear campaign against a lab tech who he claimed mishandled a sample, which I think may have even cost the guy his job/career? Anyway it took all of a week or two to expose him as a liar and now that’s how he will be remembered. Honestly if players were just like “it was dumb but it was heavy in the culture and I wanted to remain competitive, but it was dumb and I’ll take my punishment” they would be fine. That’s the level of credibility people respect and it seems TC is finally headed that way.

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I totally agree, and I don’t know about the others, but for me, the reasons most of my comments take the form of jabs are rooted in their attitude. Their very visible (to me) sense of self-importance, their unshakeable feeling that whatever THEY think is the “right” thing, their answers and explanations/justifications for things we hate which are basically paper thin and can only be accepted is one doesn’t think about it for more than 5 seconds, they completely misleading double speak where they tell us things which might be factually correct but actually irrelevant to the question/comment being addressed, etc…

Anyone noticed that virtually ALL of TC’s answers on issues we hate begun with one of :

  1. "We believed that… " , or
  2. “We wanted …”, or
  3. "We/I hated when… "

What we believe/want/hate doesn’t matter - if we don’t like something, for most part, they just want us to accept and adapt to it.

They think that what causes them problems in gameplay is a problem for everyone, they believe that the level they play at is the high/highest level people would play at, they believe things they don’t really use/want/need in the game play no one really wants/needs…

I would have soooo much more respect for them if they just came out and said:

we want to attract more new people to the game; those people need to feel like they are doing well in order to want to buy custom content, so we dumbed down the game, eliminated the ability of good experienced players to outplay new players with advanced movement and shooting skill - yes, you guys hate it, sorry, we’re a business and we want to grow.

I would still hate what happened, but I would respect them for being open about it.

Instead we get this crap double speak and explanations which offers us nothing of substance…

WHY is there a completely new/different recoil/bloom/etc mechanism in Gears 5? Why?

They wanted to do something NEW/DIFFERENT. That’s it… There is no other reason they provided… They just made something up, which is completely different from past games, they added aim assist elements which never existed in past games, they added elements to CQB mechanics like the melee which never existed before - each one greatly affected the core mechanics of Gears CQB combat… and it’s all “ohhh, we don’t think it’s a problem. We wanted to add a new thing. We needed to do something new.”

Their arrogance combined with this “my mind is made up, don’t confuse me with facts” attitude which drives me up the wall.

I am sorry I spent any money on iron, I did at the start, i wanted to support the game, I had such high hopes and expectations of gears 5, and they mostly crashed and burned…


Everything that that closeted manchild says is like watching manure spew out of cowards. His auric field is nasty too. I don’t like the two individuals that represent this company. Considering how unlikeable tc actually is, the face of their community team is a perfect reflection.


I always wonder why companies never learn from other developer’s mistakes. They repeat them over and over again, thinking that their game is something special and won’t suffer from the same issues. If look at what has happens with BF V I see so many similarities. And TC basically repeated every mistake DICE already has done before. BF V still hasn’t recovered from that despite solving many issues during the last year. Why didn’t TC see this coming? Gears was once a unique experience no one else offered. Yes it was a niche product but a very successful one. Now they tried to make it mainstream without having an idea why Fortnite/Apex/… players should play their game instead. Now it’s someway stuck in between a niche product for a strong community and a mainstream casual shooter. And no one of both is really happy. That’s so sad as I think they have so many skilled guys at TC (yes they did a well job with UE and did a well job GoW 4 and its long-term support), a great IP,… but Gears 5 lacks focus and uniqueness. I hope they’ll fix it soon, but I guess it has already hurt Gears and 5 will never fully recover from the wrong me too decisions.

Exactly. They can’t make a Gears game that’s not too Gearsy for the casual player to want to keep playing for paying $ for custom concent in, but in trying that, they CAN (and DID) make it too NON-Gearsy for those of us who love what makes Gears Gears, and that removes any desire for us to spend $ on any custom content…

They managed to have the worse of both world: disadvantages of both sides and advantages of neither.

The funny thing is, they COULD have had elements for both in one game! Just not in the same place!

Have regular KOTH, Execution, Wingman, Guardian with regular Gears weapons and tuning, AND also have , for example, a BR mode with OP rifles only (or rifles and explosives)…

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“Aim assist has been a thing since Halo 1”

“We dont think we got the aim assist wrong. Still no plans to nerf it”

"we will have to go back and compare the aim assist because we dont feel it is currently wrong’

“aim assist has been a thing for all the gears games, we didnt implement it”

they hide behind terms, details, and technicalities.

they love to play dumb!