Anyone else notice this in the Patch notes? Might explain Keegan's bleed nerf

-Increased Ammo Capacity Perk from +50% to +100% (level 10)

-Enabled Explosive and Heavy Weapons to be valid for Ammo Capacity Perk

Would this explain why Keegan’s bleed is being nerfed?

Ammo Capacity is 1 of Keegan’s perks and this is his only previous perk that is not mentioned in the patch notes as being altered. If I’m correct, he will be able to carry the same amount of explosives as JD with OP4 Launcher Capacity card (at level 10 perk of course).

Ammo capacity only affects non-explosive weapons. Unless they change it, Keegan will just have the same capacity for explosive launchers.

It wouldn’t explain why it needs to be nerfed in Escape mode. And both JD + Keegan could be insanely powerful together in Escape, so maybe that’s why.

They changed it the OP literally put what they changed it too.

Dude, it’s right in the patch notes that’s why I put it in my post…

  • Enabled Explosive and Heavy Weapons to be valid for Ammo Capacity Perk

Ah, my mistake!

The nerf in Escape is either an unfortunate side effect of Keegan’s possible new godlike Horde powers or playtesting of Hives with teams including JD and Keegan made a complete mockery of Escape.

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Another possible reasoning may be that they thought he was stepping out of his “Support” role too much. But maybe the base damage increase for weapons in Escape will slightly offset the bleed nerf.