Anyone Else Notice a Huge Ping Lag Difference in Season 5?

Since S5 started, it’s even more atrocious than normal.

Yet all I see is people voicing concern, and wondering about a response in regards to it, yesterday all we get is threads locked, or deleted.

It’s too widespread now to NOT notice how off the MP is as of this moment.


Yes, even the Raven Down game was a disaster even though I got MVP. The consistency was extremely poor and constant teleports/sponging. I know that seems odd given my statistics but I got lucky so many times by missing the enemy and only then did it count as a kill. But this is all I’m seeing since Season 5 began and many of the matches are unplayable.

I keep getting put on distant servers and even when on close servers there’s a lot of teleporting and delays. Some days, I have to stop playing because it’s just not playable for me. So I try again the next day and hope for the best.

Noticed a stark difference the morning se5 rolled out. I thought it was coincidence but maybe they just downgraded server resources again.

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I’m not sure what it is, but I have the laggiest KOTHs on that map (Raven). One round will be solid, next is unbelievably spongy. Even though my friends are gnasher heads, they avoid that map at all costs because too much malarkey happens there.

Definitely, but I managed to do well but it wasn’t easy. I can’t even keep track of how much sponging happened there but the whole day was just awful. I haven’t had a good day since Season 5 went live because the pings are double or more of the norm which is discouraging because they were bad before.

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yes, as usual they push an update and the game mechanics and game feel completely change. In the case of the latest update and the start of Season 5, it seems the cause for the change in game feel has to do with worse latency. My ping used to be 10-25ms. Now it’s 60ms+. Usually 7 of the other players are 175ms+

I believe this is an issue due to locked regions, say you’re in the east, so naturally you should be playing on east coast servers, however the game will randomly put you on West or even Latin servers (which shouldn’t happen) I play from South Africa and use EU servers with 170-200ms as it’s the closest server to me, however I noticed that I’m getting matches on East servers with 230-260ms a lot more now. Really hope TC addresses this issue.

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I am always placed into US servers so I don’t have issues there. My issue is that players that shouldn’t be placed into the same servers as me end up being placed there. I’ve seen Mexico, Japan, Singapore, Australia, Europe and many others and sadly they’re all too high. I don’t want to play anyone with an 80+ ping because the game breaks down there and many of those above (except Europe) break 200ms very easily which includes Mexico.

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Yes. I think there’s even less people playing this season.

Yeah, I have no intention of every playing versus again unless the next batch of achievements is based around it.

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Possibly but it also feels like the matchmaking is worse off. Just played a Social match which usually had some issues but once again, like ranked, I’m seeing 1100ms ping spikes and the games are running terribly.

I’d love to know what’s going on because not everything is running normally. This game took a nosedive when Season 5 launched and it hasn’t recovered yet.

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Hopefully soon. I still love the game. But I’m getting sick of getting randomly kicked and penalized. It sucks.

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I am getting sick of NO RECOGNITION from the team about it.

That’s the sad part


I know. Ima give em a pass though. They are working on three games for us. lol

Bs…they can put up a MoTD on our title screens every week.

Post a what’s up every week

Recycle pack content every week

Make new season characters

Add playmodes

Fix tunings

The LEAST they can do it post a statement regarding the very obvious issues with the MP as it stands now, and has been since Season 2.


Everything takes time and unfortunately they only have so many hours in the day. I’m always overwhelmed with work. So I can sympathize.

It’s doesn’t take that much time.

It’s literally one sentence

We are aware players are having connection issues, please note, we are looking into it.


4 seconds of typing.

Side Note…was watching some YouTube…lolol



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Yeah I saw that one already. A lot of good points.

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LOL yeah I was trolling MooMoo in ranked. Partied up with him for some games afterward and squashed the beef tho