Anyone else not able to select unlocked characters, skins etc?

I think this is a relatively new bug. This past week, if I unlock something such as a new skin, or complete all totem requirements to get a character, I cannot actually select and use them unless I reboot the game.

For example, I unlocked Raam today but he is still “locked” at 100%.

Or for example, despite unlocking the Deadeye skin for the Deebee for reaching whatever rank on my ToD, i couldn’t click on it, I could only see it.

Anyone else have this problem?

Try to relaunch your game, raam should be unlocked as you run your game again.
Do you have unlocked the DeeBee character? Withiut it you are not able to use it, if you unlocked deebee, just restart game, game has some strange problems with refreshing the unlocked content.

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Not a new bug. This sometimes happens with store content and TOD rewards as well.
Also, you need to unlock the base character to access skins.

Yes they all are selectable once I reload the game, I didn’t know it was an existing bug though cheers.

I have had this same problem for at least two months, maybe longer. It is beyond frustrating.

Unlock something from Tour of Duty? Can’t equip until I reset.
Complete a totem? Can’t use character until reset.
Buy an item from the store? Can’t equip until I reset.
Unlock a new skill card in Horde? Can’t equip until I reset.

There seems to be the MASSIVE latency between your local console and the servers. It is affecting nearly every aspect of the game.

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Ah, the good old days on previous Gears where new content was immediately available upon unlocking.

I bought UIR Soldier from the store and I cannot use him he says go to characters he’s there when I select him to play a game he’s not there