Anyone else not able to connect after the latest update?

As the title says; I can’t connect after downloading the new update. It just says “Connecting” then “Offline”.

I’ve rebooted the game 2 times, and still nothing. No biggie as I’ve been playing all day anyway, but just curious.

My first few matches were laggy as hell after patching the game, but it got resolved after rebooting the game.

This is what I’m staring at right now: Gears5_HsIZcimVVf

Damn, maybe give it some time I guess. It wouldn’t be Gears if there weren’t any hiccups at the least after a TU is released :joy:

Since this is the only way I know of to post videos from my PC on this site:

That just started happening to me. It happens after each launch of the game.

EDIT: I’m able to connect now, and running the game as admin fixed the anti-cheat error message. :ok_hand: