Anyone else not a fan of this update

Idk maybe it’s me but I find it so much more confusing having to switch characters and classes . Those of us who have been loyal are used to playing characters a certain way and I’m having a hard time adjusting . For example if I pick Baird in horde or escape I have to remember to put the correct class . The classes should at least save skin preference . When I switch class to add diversity I am still not familiar with these new names . People always taunt “no one cares” that I’m showing off by constantly switching classes meanwhile idk which is which . Timer ends before I know who I even am and what map we are playing . Maybe eventually I’ll get used to it but not a fan of this update . TC should realize you can’t please everyone and by letting everyone do everything penalized us who have been dedicated the past couple years


Pretty straight forward imo play as whoever you feel like playing as character wise and pick whatever class you feel like playing that round. There is nothing complex about this. I have my horde character set to Anya (actually she’s set for all game modes) and my class is Marksman and I couldn’t be happier. I personally never liked being restricted to playing as Fahz just so I could play sniper class. Also now I don’t have to worry about another person playing the same class it’s great. Played one master horde with two marksman two pilots and a mechanic and it was great. It’s more sad actually that it took TC this long to give us this such basic customization options. Granted I will agree there are way more classes than there needs to be but extra options don’t hurt.


It is sad that people don’t understand what kind of game they wanted. They wanted a hero based game with heroes. Not characters and classes and they probably reluctantly swapped it because they listen to people on forums even though I bet just as many people either liked it or didn’t care either way. If I was the developer and people didn’t like they way i wanted my game I would tell them to F off

As OP said you can’t please everyone and now they have people complaining on the forums about the new change


You’ll get used to it. if you’re biggest gripe is “I gotta relearn all the Class names,” even though they’re pretty well organized and easy to find if you know the Ults, it’s a non-issue at this point.


Not a fan, not a fan at all, but what can you do? I don’t main any other multiplayer games. I’ve also put too much time and money into this so don’t feel right leaving now. So I guess it’s just make the best of it.


If they would add a preset character to each class I would be fine with it. I would prefer to use the original character with the class but gets annoying swapping skin every time I swap class so I just use wilds Mac for everything.


I pretty much knew who was what the day I opened but fair point if you’re having trouble. What classes do you usually run anyway

Yea it’s annoying at the moment . Like while it’s searching for matches you can’t select your class until the match starts . It was just simpler after all this time you kinda knew how classes played for teammates . Like jds hog lockers , kaits like overkill’s, especially playing with ransoms easier to make sense and strategize . I get it did suck having only 1 per class . Escape I find it harder because teamwork more important . I played with two cole class whatever it was then they both try to run through and get downed far away .
After so many years could have just made this upgrade for gears 6 . I literally played 10 horde matches in a row where people either quit round one or played like jerks and lost round one .
(Before you tell me custom match while that can be fun sometimes I find the random pve a fulfilling challenge and can actually play where custom match dominates I can’t really level up character that way )

Once you learn the names it gets easier. Hold down tac com and you can see their class name, symbol and class level. Not as easy as seeing what character they were but it isn’t that bad. They did make 1 improvement being that you can now see people’s class levels in game

Update sucks. There are now 2 steps to select the character we want. Also having to quit out of matches where people select incorrect combinations, and having to kick people when hosting.

Wait so if someone is demo class but not JD you kick them?

Yes of course

What do you name your lobbies so I can save you the trouble.


This is exactly how I feel. I’ve spent too much time and money over the last year on this game. Plus I’m not that young and I feel like I need to relearn the whole game once again.
I will stick with it as I don’t really play anything else.


I like the characters
I dislike they circumcised half of the game modes because who the hell knows

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i think a big issue was the fact that it isnt all about what the devs want, but what others want.

I think that it would have been more well recieved if you could pick duplicates, and kept the character restricted class for the sake of visual glances.

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You complain of a problem that DOESN’T EXIST. Game update hasn’t been out for a week and you are already crying?

If people want their characters to stick to their “hero locked classes” you can literally still do that… Just pick your damn character and use the same class they had before operation 5.

I seriously can’t fathom that anyone can actually play gears 5 and not understand such simple baby ■■■■.

You are the exact type of people that ruin everything for everyone.

If developers listen to people like you we would literally be so limited. There are only benefits to this new change. If you don’t like it that’s 100% okay just stick with your characters original class only.

BUT I guarantee you $500 that you mix and match classes with the same character now.

So you’re welcome go to bed.

Your name goes rather well with your defence of this game. Second post i have read where you have been venomous to someone with a decent comment to make about the state of the game.
As someone has already stated, people are entitled to their opinions, and it is true. Your defence of a broken game troubles me, your offensiveness towards people commenting on the game, is cause for alarm.

The OP has a good point in their comment, i too feel as though you should be able to create your character to the Class you want and lock them down. Having to switch every time you change one thing or another is rather tedious.
The Coalition have struggled to get Gears right since they first got their hands upon the Gears franchise, making changes here there and everywhere is just not cutting it for me.

I have not been happy with Horde since Op 4, this Op has not swayed me in any favour either. I personally think The Coalition, like the previous Ops have cocked up the game once again, i can only see the game getting worse and worse.
I am dreading Gears 6, if this is the best The Coalition can offer, expect Microsoft to sack them and either give up on the Gears franchise, or find another company for carry on.

At this rate, Bungie under Activision can do a better job than The Coalition. Maybe 343 too, and or.
My faith in The Coalition is dwindling with each Op.



I thought I was a piece of ■■■■ but damn I gotta hand it to you man you win that hands down. The new update doesn’t benefit everyone plain and simple, character identity is important and works for many games.