Anyone else moving slow

Been playing some quickplay today, idk if its lag, an input lag or what but the movement is slowwwww today, what’s going on?, did they change something again with movement?, I put my settings all the way up and its still slow.

I don’t think they changed anything but everything feels sluggish and spongey the past few days. For some reason this game feels fast one day and slow the next and it’s not in our imaginations. It’s honestly just really inconsistent and you won’t know until you’re locked into a match and become stuck in there.

I don’t even play ranked anymore because its a shot in the dark on how the gameplay is going to be, either pings are all messed up, or something like this where movement is sluggish.

Trapped at home and everything about my favorite game seems off. Not blaming TC totally but it would be much more entertaining if they brought GUARDIAN BACK!!!


I keep sticking to walls, getting really annoying.

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Yes. I was flying on Monday and the game has been unplayable since.

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Can @Surly_McGruff or anybody else from TC respond to this? Why does the game at times feel so fast & why does it feel so slow other times? It’s just not a consistent experience online.

Here is me from earlier in the month:

With how lethargic my character has been moving since Tuesday, I would not have made it for the break. Please keep in mind to that my ping is steady at late teens to 20’s. And my sens has not changed. At 1st I thought it was me slumping but I’ve been seeing the same responses from others in the past few months at the same times.