Anyone else miss the old menu and horde music?

So most of you probably noticed they changed the menu and horde lobby music with op5.

For the worst on both counts if you ask me.

How do you feel about it?

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I don’t know mate the music is much more old Gears music and I Like it.

As far as changing the social and TOD buttons, it was annoying at first but now I’m used to it.


I prefer the new music, reminds me of the older titles.

I have lots of nostalgia towards the original trilogy.


Older music was terrible imo.


Not really, no. The option to change it would be nice, though. Similar to Fortnite’s lobby music packs(Yeah, I know, I know. The mere mention of this game sends people into a blind rage).
I think Apex does a similar thing, too.

But, the ability to pick between the new songs, the old songs or songs from previous games would be pretty cool. I’d be rockin’ them Gears 2 & Gears Judgement themes every once in a while.


I wish every game did what Tekken 7 did (Playstation version only of course) and just let you pick and choose certain music for certain lobbies across all games from the franchise. Its such a cool feature and you can give your menus your own unique spin.


Prefer the music at the beginning of OP 5. Had a great gears of war feel to it.

The old Horde theme was okay, but the old main menu theme was furiously boring, aside from the title screen portion.

I prefer the Gears 2 style music, which is probably gonna change for OP6.


I miss it all …

Music got vastly better…

But I miss it all…

I was hoping Escape would get a revamp with its lobby music, but overall I’d say the changes are great, as stated by Mr.Sandwich, it gives off OG Gears of War vibes,

The only thing I miss is “duplicate characters not permitted, duplicate character conflicts will be auto-resolved when the game begins.”

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Steve Jablonsky is the goat.

He’s the guy who did the older music, right?

Can’t even remember the old menu music but love the new one.

New music is much better and not because of any nostalgia bias on my part as I didn’t play the older games.

The horde music in particular in 5 was the most annoying crap I’ve ever heard. This is MUCH better.

I notice they didn’t mess with escape music. Good decision there as it was the only mode where the music was good. Very ambient, eery, and cold sounding, fits the mode perfectly IMO.

In Gears 2 only.

Steve also did Gears 3 I believe.

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