Anyone else miss the Loot Boxes from Gears of War 4 Horde

I was looking through some of my clips and pictures i had taken over the years, and i came across a picture from Gears of War 4 Horde, a line of Shock Sentries , 2 MG Sentries protecting them, and in the foreground a Loot Box, from some sort of task given in game to complete to earn a air dropped box of goodies.
I had forgotten all about these, and then i started thinking, you know what, i actually miss these.

Anyone else remember these things, some of the task given, and would they be a welcome return.
Whilst in today’s game, they are not 100% viable, there could be some way to make them so. Of course ideas here would be nice, or just some honest, yes or no answers to my question.

Do they have a role to play in todays, or tomorrows game. Or are they actually dead and buried, never to be revived.

When you say loot boxes, I think of this darn RNG crates you can buy with real money.

But as for these challenge rewards, yeah, they were a good idea. But even in Gears 4 they were not worth the risk most of the time on the harder difficulties. Doing things like retro charging & chainsawing enemies or using a manned turret when enemies can 1-hit down you is a little unreasonable, especially if no one has a lancer or your group hasn’t spent 80,000 energy to buy/upgrade a manned turret.

That said, it would be nice to bring them back if more reasonable challenges would be used.


I miss that damned Turret.
Lol, the effort i went to sometimes to build one, only for it to be taken by someone. So i built another, and you always get the one bloody idiot that takes the Turret out in to the field and gets murdered.
I do not miss the bloody idiots, but i do miss the Turret.

Now that the Class system is dead, the Horeo system is on its last legs, maybe it is time for the Turret to return. Maybe. Oh, and the Loot Boxes :slight_smile:

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