Anyone else love getting away with dumb attacks?

My personal favorite is running into smoke while the teams are shotgun fighting with my chainsaw reved. I know its not smart nor would I do this in a really heated match. But danm is it fun to get away with

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I do this all the time. Capping a hill with a smoke grenade going off, my lancer is revved up. If I get hate mail, I reply back with “reported”


I do that a lot. Also, if someone has a mediocre wall bounce I’ll side step, pin them on the wall, and chainsaw.

One time I walked up to someone who was crouched in cover and firing their lancer who had not seen me. I humped him a couple of times then gibbed him before they could react. They probably didnt see me as they were hardaiming and only saw me when they stopped to reload. Felt a bit mean afterwards. :neutral_face:

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If someone is a tbagger, I’ll catch them doing that and give them a no no before killing them.

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It’s never worked but every time I down an enemy I hide somewhere near them to see if a teammate tries to get their rez but I guess usually people think its too late so nobody comes to the rescue.

down someone. Wait for others to come throw frags :stuck_out_tongue:

down someone twice with enforcer and kill will smoke :stuck_out_tongue:

Lol, I was laughing my ■■■ off here, thinking “how am I still alive?”