Anyone else having issues with 100% use of gpu since this Hivebusters update?

Hi, first of all yesterday when I start playing I noticed that my gpu in versus was 99% and only 100 fps normally it runs at 50% or 60% at ultra and 144 solid fps. I had to use medium setup and the use of gpu still high at 89% this started yesterday, If anyone else is having the same issues please let me know how to fix it or it’s just me.
If this is a problem for the update how can I save a log or something to send to TC?
Thanks in advance.

PC Specs
i7 10700
RTX 3070
32 GB Ram 2993Mhz
B460m Aorus Pro Ac
256gb SSD

I have very similar specs but for lower end GPU. I noticed nothing different yesterday using Ultra settings. Maybe it’s a video card issue?

There’s a ticket reporting page somewhere.

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I just had this issue since the last update, before I was Playing 144 fps 1080 everything Ultra and just 55% of GPU usage, IDK what happened. I made a ticket with videos before/after this update.