Anyone else having horrible stutter and frame rates?

Hey all,

So I got a ThreadRipper CPU 16 cores, 64GB RAM, everything is on NVMe SSD, and a Radeon VII 16GB GPU. I am struggling like crazy. I set it to LOW settings, 30fps, and it still stutters like crazy! I just got the latest GPU driver today too, supposedly improved performance.

Very very pissed right now. My system is the top ideal system (short of a 2080ti maybe), and should be able to play 4K at 60fps at Ultra, and yet, I cant even get 30fps on 1080P in low mode. Sometimes it goes smooth a bit.

I have tried in horde mode, which is completely unplayable for me due to severe graphics stutter. Campaign mode is sluggish most of the time.

Did you try turning off V-Sync? It’s a very serious and heavy game.

What also stopped my framerate from capping at 60 was doing this
C:\Users\yourusernamestuff\AppData\Local\Gears5\Saved\Config\PC, find your gears setting called GameUserSettings and change truefullscreen to True. because you know, the setting in game doesn’t work of course

change these 4 to what they say below vvvv

and then in game turn off vSync

My PC Specs are:

2080 ti
Intel I9 9900k Processor
ASUS ROG Maximus XI Hero
32 gigs RAM

I tried the vsync off, turning FR to 30 instead of 60, etc. Still happens. Sometimes it runs OK for a bit. Other times it is just slow as ■■■■ at rendering.

ODdly I noticed when I use my bluetooth controller, it is laggy/tearing/etc all the time, but if I use mouse, it seems better. Though it sometimes lags with mouse too.

I just have to hope this is due to some early bugs or something and they fix it.

Massive stutter fest here too, first day was Hella fine, Zero Stutter, even with low hardware i was able to Run it 4k ultra with no stuttering or framedrops, the Next day the scenario changed completely, my system has a Ryzen 2600(aftermarket cooler) and a Gigabyte Vega 56 gaming, so far ive tryed everything even overcloking my stuff(rams, cpu, gpu) with no luck, tryed all settings n ■■■■, resolutions tryed rtss with no luck to cap the frames, i noticed that there is no freesync option in game like there is in gears 4, please TC fix this! I know this hardware os enough for at least 2k very high/ultra that was i was hoping for when i first tan the game, only used the 4k to test the hardware but my target is 2k ultra and 1080p ultra, please add freesync support in the settings, and solve the microstutters fest, the game was not cheap, i payed 80€ to reserve this, it’s not even ok on the Xbox One X where it hás HUGE delay in the shots. (Sorry for the bad English Im Portuguese)

I am hoping it is resolved. I assume there must be some issue with AMD GPU drivers? I have the Radeon VII with 16GB HBM2, a 16 core TR with 64GB RAM, full NVMe SSDs, etc. I mean, you dont get much faster than that short of a 2080ti. My system should handl 4K Ultra no problem… as it is I am only running 1080P on High and it stutters like crazy. When I spin around the screen tears and takes a second to redraw. When I move, sometimes its smooth, other times it is super slow. I can not believe this is how it should play on this level of hardware. I may pull out my old Xbox One and see if it plays 1080P any better on that, which I am fine with if need be since this game is better as a game pad than it is with keyboard/mouse. Or, at least in my case because I have a custom built mechanical split keyboard setup where my space bar is on the right hand side, making me have to remap keys to make it playable. I do have an xbox wireless controller but I thought maybe that was the issue… e.g. the bluetooth or whatever is causing issues, but it also does it when I use keyboard/mouse.

it was fixed for me yesterday with the new adrenalin update and gears update, but to be honest since the today’s update i felt a good couple of hiccups again

Same here, severe game influencing frame rate drops. Fluctuates up and down and makes gnasher battles difficult. Vsync did not solve anything and I set all video quality settings to low to no avail.

Nothing has changed for me. I sit in a room and just rotate around, no baddies, nothing… just basic room and the graphics are tearing apart, one second it is sluggish at best, then suddenly it spins fast but the graphics look like they are ripping apart as I spin. Again, this is on a 1080P screen, on any settings. Low, high, ultra, same thing on all. Multiple times the graphics/game suddenly jump, and then stall slowly, then speed up and rip, etc. It is really bad. For a game that was built with AMD in mind, they severely missed the beat on Radeon VII owners.