Anyone else having an issue with inputa randomly going off

Noticed this happening maybe a week or 2 ago but now its happening ALOT. Like many times a match.
Where im moving around the map . I slide into and out to cover (Up A) and my gnasher will randomly shoot.

Today. Im holding Y to get ready to pick up the dropshot thts about to repawn on icebound and my lancer will just start shooting.
Im pretty sure other inputs are randomly going off also but i either dont notice or forgot.
I play with a series 2 (paddles X on the left paddle, A on the right paddle) and its the real Og classic Atl.
Im always wired and my ping is never above 34ms.
The controller is maybe a few weeks old.
I do have a second series 2. So i guess i could switch them out to see if the problem is actually the controller.

But i would like to know if anyone else is experiencing these exact issues.

While i have a fancy controller like you do, i never got around to making the switch for Gears (yet). and yes, i get all kinds of random WTF’s comming out during the game related to controller input or lack there of.

I’ll be like “why did that just happen, i didn’t do that”? WTF?
Or “dammint why does that happen?” WTF?
or “you gotta be ■■■■■■■■ me - WTF?”

It’s sporadic, but regular.

Although i can not recall an instance related to Firing the Gun that you described. It may have happened a time or two. Mine is almost always movement related. Mostly invoving the A button, and mostly involving Roadie Run. I’ll hold A, and they’ll do the roll first, when they should be runing, instead they roll. Then i hold A again and they’ll start running. That happens very regularly.

try going back to the other handle for a few.
Get any wonky inputs in other games using the elite?