Anyone else having a particular problem with ping this week?

My ping has been crazy the last couple days. It will be in the mid-30s, jump to the 50s, then it will be anywhere from 300-1,000! Just today, I was in a lobby where all 10 of the players had pings 100+
Is anyone else experiencing this. High pings are quite commonplace, but it seems massively worse.
I dunno. maybe it’s just me.


Just two matches recently. A couple months ago, the servers were screwing my ping up bad and packet loss was wild. I had to stop playing Gears.

The past week it’s been more stable (for me) than it has been in months, save for a couple matches with frequent packet loss and ping jumping between 25 and 160. Next, match, lobby was be stable.


Not at all. :sunglasses:

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Nope not me…oh wait a minute…

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Yeah yeah. We get it Tony…:unamused:

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My pings been jumping a lot lately too! Come to think of it, it all started when i installed that pogo stick on my router. Maybe that 10 year old i bought it from scammed me?

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Not me but almost everybody I’ve been playing in 2v2 has at least 70+ ping all the way up to 300. Plus I’m getting matched up with Mexicans/EU/Asia at least half of the time. It’s primetime here in USA so it’s like wtf. It’s been pretty bad today.

Edit- I’m in Texas myself so getting matched up with Mexicans is usual but not outside of NA, that’s for sure. Core seems a bit laggy but nothing I don’t see often. It’s just mainly the 2v2s for me.

Nothing out of the ordinary here.

Most matches are 5-15ms and then a couple you get the usual high pingers / spiking the lobby.

Gladly, the game chucking me and my squad onto other regions severs have reduced but still happens.

I so wish I could make it so it would at least lock down to my region only.

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Ok I don’t know if it’s just me but I’ve gotten disconnected on 2 straight matches of 2v2’s right after winning the 6th round. Is it the servers or just them rage quitting before the last round? First disconnect, I got error- ENDEAVOR and the recent disconnect I got nothing. No option to rejoin either time. All this in the last 30 minutes. Both times the wifi signal showed up in the bottom right corner but I know it’s not my internet.

Edit- why am I getting matched up with almost everybody OUT of my region? I swear the server doesn’t think I’m in NA. Do I gotta use a VPN or something?!

I’ve been disconnected from 2v2s about three times. Really frustrating because each time was winning by a good margin!

It’s rare but has happened.

And 2v2 is the worst for matching outside my region. Again, I wish I could just lock this down to my region only.

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Had it happen tonight, real bad. Got on at 10pm and my ping was double the usual. I knew it wasn’t me because my friend in Cali who usually has a 5 ping was riding at 55.

Next match my ping is going between 24 and 175, making the game unplayable.

Next few matches were still unstable and the sponging was incredible. Several times I went behind players and would land 2 point blank shots only to have them go “WTF?” and turn around and gib me.

Still got mostly wins and 3 MVP but it was too annoying to play so I quit Gears for the night pretty early.

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Last night I had to do the unthinkable, namely, quit a game. It was just impossible to play, I was staying at 600, about would spike as high as 1,000. So I rebooted my router, which seemed to help somewhat. I stayed within 30-50, which still is a little choppy, but nothing like being a steady 600!

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I had that happen so many times in 2v2 while struggling to get that buttcrack achievement.

Several times we were 6 wins in when my friend and I got booted back to the main menu because the connection dropped both of us.

The ping disparity seemed to be the greatest in 2v2 matches for some reason. My ping would range anywhere from 5-32ms and I was against players with with +100ms pings spiking up to 1100ms in the most extreme cases. My shots seldom registered so it was extra frustrating to play that mode.

Guessing there are fewer players for the server to average so it felt more laggy than a full mode like KOTH?

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