Anyone else has a hard time seeing opponents, in versus? it all blends together

I was doing some KOTH with some friends last night, and I realized at one point that i was just shooting at shadows, not really able to tell who is who… we were on Bunker, fighting over the dropshot/GL spawn ring…

I would not tell friend or foe, it was just shadows moving around…

that really got me down…

one of the reason I loved GoW4 was that it was so easy and obvious to tell who were friends and who were enemies. I’m slightly color blind , and I hate any color based systems (you know, if there is a small red dot over a player he is enemy if there is a small green dot they are a friendly, etc)… GoW4 was so great… Even maps like Impact Dark, where some characters were hard to spot, I could still easily tell, once I saw / detected them, what they were…

In Gears 5, I don’t have that feeling anymore… Everything blends together… between each other, into the background…

Does anyone else have that feeling too?

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For me it’s just the process of ageing, My reflexes are slower than they were; I tire more quickly from sports; in winter I sometimes wake with bad lower back pain; I’d walk past clubs and not even be offered an entry flyer anymore… Gears man, it’s a young man’s game now.


Thankfully I don’t have this issue but I can see why it happens.

I spam tac com all the time (it’s a subconscious thing at this point) and so I’m able to immediately tell if someone’s an enemy if I see someone moving and they’re not on tac com. Basically I ALWAYS know where my teammates are so by process of elimination I’m able to tell if someone’s an enemy or not.


I’ve had this happen. Not that often and sometimes I just lose people in a shotgun fight.
I feel like an ■■■

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Yes I have to spot a lot but I still get taken by surprise sometimes. At least they changed the Terminator character as that one was the most troublesome.

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I’ve definitely found that at times certain character skins are harder to see against a darker background. The terminator for sure. So I switched to darker skins myself.

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Yeah, darker characters and skins seem to give a bit of an advantage in this game. I can’t see nothing on Canals

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UwU Terminator noises

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