Anyone else getting this packet loss?

Haven’t been able to play for last few days, my connection is usually fine.

Might go back to GoW4 until this is fixed. PvE is fine I think though? Haven’t tried.

I played two ranked matches today, the first one had unplayable packet loss and the second one (no packet loss because it was on the US north server) was against a stacked team that had 2 hackers on it.

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Yes to packet loss, UK here.

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Yes PL in US South as well.

Yup, same issue for me. I’ve given up trying to play ranked lol. Constant rubberbanding and shot delay like I’m playing Gears 2 in 08.

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go to 25 seconds.

Mine is substantially worse than this as well.

Seems the obvious solution.

Why continue to torture yourselves with this garbage?

Going back would honestly be a learning curve. simplified gameplay doesn’t work on GoW4 so I’d have to actually be good lol. On the bright side neither games are getting updated anymore so its a matter of which aged better at this point.

Ya mines been really bad lately. Almost a while second delay in maybe 1/3 of my games. It’s been very slow

Eu has been fine…
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I get this almost every match and it has become a part of Gears 5 at this point lol

I would hire someone from a different region to host lobbies for me and sit in spawn and go about their day. I’d rather play 3v4 without packet loss than 4v4 with it.

I been having unplayable packet loss too.