Anyone else getting RIAD error?

Anyone getting RIAD error? Been getting it every match in a row. Says disconnected but I’m not disconnected? Never had a problem until now.

This is in horde by the way.havent tried reg multiplayer.


Well there’s nothing wrong with my router every other game runs flawless.

I once had that error

I used spellcheck

Still can’t believe I forgot how to spell Raid

After that my looking for group post got me to destiny’s big bad boss

Sorry I can’t be of more help
Or even stay on topic
Its a problem
Its getting worse

Anyone have a fix?

  1. List item

Every time I get booted (1 in 5 games) I get this error

No idea why. Can only blame TCs sh*tty servers as it’s th ONLY game I get disconnects from

There is RAID in Gears 5!? :exploding_head:
Oh… you mean RIAD. :sweat_smile:
I don’t know… :neutral_face: