Anyone else getting kicked out of quicklplay every time a match ends?

For the last week or two (could be longer), any time I play quickplay, I get kicked back to the home screen while waiting for the next match to load. If I’m in a party, it always disbands the squad too.

It’s beyond frustrating, because I’m finally playing this game and having fun again. However, it makes me and my friends want to stop after like the 6th or 7th time getting disconnected and waiting to rejoin a game that’s already almost over. It’s like 5 minutes of down time for every 5 minutes of playing.

If it’s not the issues with ranking, latency, consistency, balancing or the glitches that kill this game, it’s going to be these extremely basic issues like this that put it out of its misery.

TC, I implore you! Please get these silly little bugs fixed, please stop allowing the games servers to fail seemingly EVERY SINGLE WEEKEND! There’s fun to be had, but it’s impossible when the core functioning of the UI is broken!

This happened to be every time last year when I used to play this game. It got that bad that I began assuming that continuous lobbies wasn’t a feature anymore.