Anyone else get Kait Diaz 17+

So I’m about to start in on Gears 5 again after a break and I thought this is a bit funny.

I just got this from ToyWiz:

Look on upper right. 17+

Is this unsafe for 16 year olds?

As you can see this Gears 5 version of Kait is a bit smaller than Marcus 3 and Kait 4.

I collect action figures from most every game that I like.

This one is ok I guess.

Expect a blow up doll for 17 plus


Well according to the manufacturer this is only suitable for people 17+ age.

This is what I found funny.

What is the harm in anyone under 17 having this action figure?

It doesn’t make any sense to me.

It’s probably the small parts that children can choke on.

Yeah can’t get my head round that one. Maybe something to do with the games rating?

Cool collection there anyways man.

No. 17 is the age of consent for action figures.


17+??? I guess I shouldn’t have let my kids have my old Star Wars figures then. Oops.

Bruh how u supposed to play with them.if they’re still in the package?

True story, I work in healthcare and every time someone comes into the ER with a toy stuck up their butt their story is almost always “I fell on it.” Maybe that’s why it’s 17+. This toy is dangerous for butts smaller than age 17.

Silly @S_IK_O_IR_G_E, they’re action figures, not toys.

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Anyone purchasing this under the age of 17 is prone to sudden combustion.

You think OP would be mad if we opened them all up?

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He’d be so livid, he’d have his mom force us out of his basement. :rofl:

(Jk OP :yum:)

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Haha! If you choke on this as a 16 year old, then there’s probably not much hope anyway! :smiley:

I always see ppl post their massive pristine collections and imagine myself opening their stuff up.

I’d just blame it on Gears. TC MADE ME TOXIC! #TMMT

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Hey man I dont make the rules. I just break 'em.

The NECA Gears of War figures have ‘17+’ on them but also ‘Not suitable for 0 - 3 years due to choking hazard’.

It’s to essentially highlight to people buying these that these are collectors figures and not ‘play’ toys.

Thanks for sharing a picture, I won’t be picking up due to cost, but good to see it!

Takes me back to the old days of NECA Gears figure collecting.

Because the game’s rating is 17+. Just brand association I guess.

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I mean I’m not a kid and id open it up and play with my Kait dolly :grinning:

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