Anyone else find the Imago's panting too loud in game?

I don’t have video to show this off but surely we’re all in agreement here, no? I can hear that character flanking me with no problem because he’s breathing up a storm.

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Might just be me but I find Lahni to be worse in that aspect. She sound like she’s just been running for an hour straight as you do start roadie running(exaggerated, of course, but it’s just so loud).

And don’t all the Swarm Drones share the same breathing sounds? It seemed like that to me at least.

Maybe, but the Imago’s breathing is on a whole other level. I’d go as far to say that they’re on a slight disadvantage. Especially with sneaky flanks. They’re horrible.

It’s symbolic of the players that use Imago: sweaty

I used the Imago in Gears 4 to show off his muscular buttox

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Don’t insult Mago, you heretic.

Heck I thought it was chanting in the background.

Imago pants? I always thought it was just @TC_Clown mouth-breathing through the mic.


Go out for a smoke break and never come back

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That’s an option now that Rod is gone.

Marlboro Marcus
Camel Keegan
Kool Kait


Imago has always been passionate. It cannot be suppressed.


Yes, imagos and jermad very loud grunts.
Also, meatshields cough while In smoke

Ive always said that imagos were the pronstars of the Swarm

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I feel like on the whole Locust (Swarm, whatever) are louder than COG.

Which is countered by the Terminator’s utter silence.

(I hate that Deebees are on the COG side now because I have absolutely no idea if a Terminator is coming near when there’s a Deebee on my team.)

I don’t know about the Elite Grenadier or the Hunter, but the Imago has a louder version of the Drone’s breathing.

You should honestly just direct that hate towards the Terminators.

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Yeah, don’t get me wrong. I hate the terminators.

But before the Deebee, the metallic running noises were at least a dead giveaway. Now they’re not, making Terminators infinitely worse to deal with.

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Lol my group usually hates me because I use the DR-1 constantly in pvp. They get quite the scare when they hear my robot feet waddling towards them when they think a Terminator is flanking. Some design decisions are highly questionable.


They could fix it by giving the Terminators the Gears 4 DeeBee footsteps.