Anyone else find all this Terminator crossover stuff weird?

Like, why is a AAA flagship video game doing so much crossover stuff with a forgettable Hollywood cash grab?

It was weird enough to have Sarah Conner as her own Horde and Escape character with a unique skill tree and a launch character at that. Now they’re continuing to advertise for this movie that is significantly less of a big deal than the game it keeps being featured in. Even during the reveal trailer at E3 they ruined the moment by plugging this stupid movie like it was anything more than just a fun cameo. How much damn money did they give them? And why did they give them so much money? Who is responsible for these advertising decisions on both sides? Lol


Terminator 1 still remains one of the greatest films of an era. Terminator 2 still the quintessential sequel and summer blockbuster.

The rest have been decent to straight trash. Genysis and this new one are garbo. Figures Gears would attach it to itself lmao.


The extended cut of Terminator 2 is the best version to watch.


I still prefer T1 tho.

Nothing beats that synth wave and murderous Arnie.


T2 and Salvation are my faves that I’ve seen so far. The rest seem like a cheese fest of plugging that I might watch at a WAY later date.
However, I really don’t understand why the Terminator is in Gears and also why we have to pay for the second add-on characters if the Movie is giving money to have their likenesses in the game. $17 for new Terminator chars? No thank you.


What I find more weird is that for every kill, you see the title of the upcoming movie pop up in the kill feed. Do they really expect me to go " Oh golly, after this game imma go pre order some tickets to the movies."


Would be interesting to know how much TC got paid to have it in the game.


Me too, honestly.

6 figures minimum for sure. Or the studio that made the movie has a partnership with MS and are getting something else in return.

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Probably Skynet using Surface laptops, using Bing and searching for Sarah Connor in the film.


Actually seeing “discreet” MS product placements in the upcoming movie isn’t too far fetched. Heck, wouldn’t be surprised if they show someone playing Gears5 in the movie cause reasons.

Maybe that was the deal. Exposure for exposure.

They showed someone playing Gears in that old Terminator show.

Didn’t know that, haven’t seen it. Guess they do have a long term deal/partnership.

I remember when in The Hurt Locker, dude was playing Gears 1. But it’s set in 2003 lol.


Weird? I don’t think the crossover stuff from neither Halo nor Terminator belongs in Gears anyway, and even as a Halo player I really couldn’t care less nor want the Halo characters. And Terminator… well, I was never interested in it.

Feels like they’re pushing this to a next level, though. Four Terminator characters, two Halo characters, a Terminator themed Horde event(…). If this keeps up we’ll have more feature/crossover characters on our hands than actual Gears characters. Not to mention that unless I’m mistaken, because of the hero stuff going on these characters require to have more work put into them than just making the skins which is probably going to take some amount of resources away from, you know, the actual franchise characters that should’ve been there at launch to begin with. Instead of just getting 1-2 COG characters every 2-3 months. And a minimal amount of Swarm/Locust as well.

And if it still isn’t clear, I’m not a supporter of this unrelated feature stuff. I would prefer if it didn’t exist to begin with.


I am more annoyed with the Halo characters.

I myself don’t like Halo and never wanted to see a crossover…


It’s nothing new. They added colorblast, luchador, and RTJ to Gears 4 for some reason, but it’s whatever, nothing we can do about. At least it’s not a bunch of rehashes and ■■■■ rappers this time around


Like, Capitalism Scoob! Zoinks!


The thing that’s really stupid is that there’s no Arnold. Bad enough that it’s a silly cash grab, crossover/tie in, but then no Arnold! That just sucks. And the Halo one is even worse.

Now, if they did a Terminator 2 pack and had Character Skins for Arnold (leather jacket & all), Sarah Connor, John Connor & T-1000 that would be bad a**. That might actually get me to fork over 20 bucks!


I personally find it disgusting.
Wtf has terminator to do with gears. get it the f. outa here.
The dark gears theme i liked is slowly turning in rainbow coloured ■■■■.
TC said they learned from the mistake they made with the colour blast characters in gears of war 4.
they learned nothing…
I want to play a gears of war character against a locust or swarm or vice versa.
Not a robot or sjw ■■■■ with a rainbow weapon.
Sorry for the bad language.
And if you like this kind of crossover thing i will respect your opinion.