Anyone else feels like they are turning Horde into Escalation? (Overly complicated)

Having come back to Horde after about 2 years of almost exclusively Versus, I really don’t like most of the changes they made…

The ammo starvation, the energy starvation, the comflict between deposit or spend on yourself, the stupidly tiny incremental perk and card progressions (you know, 20%, next level 22%, next level 23%, etc).

It’s an annoying struggle, I find… Not fun… trying to coordinate who picks uo what, who deposits when, made me think of escalation’s weapon voting system…just because something is more complicated, and/or more difficult, doesn’t mean it’s BETTER or more FUN… Horde used to be fun. Now itcs a looter shooter struggle to fight for resources and ammo.

Plus the characters: in GoW4: incon Horde, no sentries or turrets, you can have a blast as a heavy, sniper, or soldier, and even scout, zipping around picking up energy, killing with dropshot headshots…

Here? JD kills everything far away, Kait kills everything up close, and… that’s it…

And don’t me started on perk & skill card progressions: 20%… then 22%… then 23%… FO, no incentive to level up beyond about half way point.


Couldn’t have said it better myself, 100% agree.

I try to understand the changes since they were aimed at a different audience, not the ones who played Horde 3.0 but no luck so far, it just doesn’t make sense.

What bugs me the most? what the actual ■■■■ is it with the ammo? Ammo starvation makes sense for Escape (though only a monkey would place that on beginner) but for Horde? c’mon!!! TC get your ■■■■ together or hire someone who can do it for you.


Ohh, and what up with the price of level 1 fortifications jumping almost instantly? Level 1 barrier, 1800 wave 1. Then 2800 couple waves later. Then 3800 few waves later… this is without the final damage modifier, just by default…

Ohhh, how about getting flashed, which causes you to drop the trishot, which falls in such a way that you CANT PICK IT UP AGAIN! Happens to me all the time on All Fathers…


I used Lizzie today for some dropshot kills. She only has 4 dropshot ammo capacity by default and an ammo box only gives you 1 round. One round.

It’s such a joke.


The increasing fortification prices pisses me off the most. No reason why the ■■■■■■■ prices increase like its Greece’s economy.


There’s a modifier towards the higher difficulties for the fortifications price rising.

So why the F is it on by default, without the modifier active?

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Only reason i can think of is to make Horde harder. TC wants you to play as long as possible after all.

Just makes it annoying. Fortifications cost a ridiculous amount towards the middle of the game. With this games power shortage if you don’t have a jack… One wipe can cost you the whole game.

I know you’re not agreeing with TCs decision. Just wanted to get that out.

I suspect it’s a typical TC over reaction to GoW4’s practice of farming fortifications to level up the fab. You know how it made sense to let things get destroyed to pickup energy rather than repair them.

But noi fab levels in 5, no energy dropped in 5, there is ZERO NEED for this jump in base cost!

Stupid overreaction, they always do things in 3s. Like when Ryan was talking how he hates shot spamming… so they (1) reduced gnasher mag size, (2) did this crazy active reload thing, and (3) made the reload slower.

Any ONE of those would have helped with what he was complaining about but no, they had to kick it into the ground with 3…


I have the impression TC wanted to make engineers think twice about how many fortifications are placed where with the base cost of forts increasing with every five or so of them built, even if Power Drain is disabled. But really, it hasn’t done much because they’ve put a gold digger(Jack) in who’ll give you more power than you’ll ever need if one of your players basically agrees to just being there to revive teammates and use the Forge, which likely is an extremely boring role and the main reason I avoid playing Jack like I avoided playing Scout in Gears 4(unless not otherwise possible) because both roles are an absolute bore to play, unless you have some Sentry spammer engineer who has no clue how to build a cost effective base that also helps your teammates kill the enemy instead of trying to get them to do nothing and make the Sentries kill everything, which is facilitated by Jacks running a Forge in the first place. Whatever the intention, it doesn’t seem to be that great in its final implementation.

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I actually like the ability to pick from multiple strategies with a good team in this game . It does make it overly complicated when playing with randoms, particularly lower level players.

Over complicated needlessly…suffice to say they don’t want horde…they clearly want something else…but hey good news…ratings are up for the game …and there’s a healthy playerbase for the game…so it all bodes well…merry Xmas :roll_eyes:

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TC just hate’s hord my evidence would be they have practically ignored horde sence launch and no i do not count bug fixes cause they shouldn’t have been there in the first place

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Yeah, unfortunately the whole gameplay loop of horde is pretty bland, especially on high difficulties. JD is a necessity due to the enemy design and high health, but he also trivializes most waves, making the other characters feel useless.

Most randoms never donate, and only upgrade themselves, leading to a loss after wave 30.

Gears 4 horde with the option to vote for a map (something gears 3 had, btw) would have been more acceptable.

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I feel like they have made less strategies viable compared to Gears 4.

Is it complicated? For me no, but then again, I’ve played a lot of Horde in the last 3 years.

I do feel like it’s a natural progression from what it was in Gears 2.

My only problem with Horde 4.0, like I’ve said, is the lack of viable strategies. You need a Jack, you need a Del, you need a Kait, you need a JD, if you are doing Incon or Master runs.

That’s before we get into the skill cards, fortifications and stuff like that.


Del not needed but Baird works.

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As with the rest of the game the mode has been in part designed with MTs - in this case new characters - in mind.

As soon as extra revenue is attached to playable elements of a game, said playable elements cannot help but be affected by the implementation of said extra revenue streams.

It’s not as blatant / in your face / disgusting as boost / objectives / the xp system / the progression system which is nothing more than a greedy monthly sub that TC are desperate for us to pay for.

It’s more subtle in horde, but combined with other poor horde related decisions from an incompetent, lacklustre and underserved series dev that has little to no appreciation for Gears, and sadly does not have the talent / vision / skill to produce anything better, we get the horde we have which is far more restrictive than it’s immediate predecessor.

tl/dr - TC’s greed ,incompetence, lack of vision and talent are, as with the rest of G5, the issues, and the awful Horde mode in 5 is the result.


And with the latest nerf to Del’s overclock, it now means if you want to have a good engineer with fortification cost discount and fortification health AND overclock, you need to use Baird also for his auto overclock. So TC have made it necessary for the use of 2 characters instead of one. It’s a joke. It’s like they want to punish people for playing horde!

They have turned Gears 5 into a fortnite laughing stock childs game. Instead of the gritty 3rd person shooter it should be, its an industry joke of how to lose your loyal playerbase of a decade in just 3 months.

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This is not true. If Del built Level 4 Locker with Level 5 Overclock, that might be fine. Even Baird plays fine on his own too. Although having both Engie together would just be a bonus, IMO.

Right now, I just had a Baird ask for no Del…

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1 drop per player we on TC can’t afford more, our budget we have for the next 6 months don’t allows us to spend more. unless you are willing to pay with Iron :rofl::rofl::rofl: