Anyone else feels like the tour of duty is rigged?

I’ve done every daily challenge since the operation started and 85% completion and I’m still 92 starts away from finishing it, also the paduk challenge is bugged and some escape challenges can’t be done (kill a swarmak, finish all weekly hives)
Also also, sometimes when you end a match you don’t receive the bonus stars that appear on screen

That is time based. You don’t get them for every match. You can also earn multiple stars if playing a long mode like horde.

Its 2 weeks into 18 weeks. You still have plenty of time.


Easiest tour yet. Two weeks in and I’m on Legend 15. Been doing all my daily challenges except versus, plus free re roll. Done most Medals that can be done so far except versus. Been getting lots of stars by doing escape runs and horde. I do have boost though.


Same actually :slight_smile:


Not even trying really just playing as I would usually. Wonder if the coin amount would increase after you reach a high enough legend level???

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It stays at 750 Coins per 12 stars.

Not everyone plays the at the same level, there’s more casual players and players that just got the game, they explicitly can’t finish it unless they pay and even if they pay for challenges and finish the tour at 100% they are still 200+ stars away from the UIR cosmonaut

2 weeks in, 16 weeks to go.

I am not sure why you are making the claim that people can’t finish it.


Don’t really know what you mean mate, but if you finish the tour you get the cosmonaut.

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Escape speedrun are like 5 minutes you could probably get up to 10 stars an hour UNPAID so every weekend 2 days a week of a binge day is like 200 stars if you wanted to go hard… I could probably do the tour In one week unpaid if I didn’t care about other things in life. It may actually be TOO easy even for casual play

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This, plus I’ve done 50% of the medals and done 5 bounties a day (With Boost) since the start and I’m 90~ stars away too.

If you’re 4 tiers from the end with 16 weeks left–and you claim it to be “rigged?”

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Well if they’re casual players who only play small amounts then they’re not going to finish it. If they want to finish it they’ll have to put the time in. It’s like anything else. I wouldn’t expect the TOD be built around enabling as many people as possible to complete it. If I wanted to learn French or how tk drive I’ll have to put the time in.

I maxed out General after 14 days and am now on Legend 9 (I have Boost).

In TOD3 it took me 12 days to max out General. Granted I had Boost, but I actually also maxed out General on my secondary account as well which took more like 5 weeks of daily objectives and a few medals which I naturally got along the way. This was done witbout Boost and I dont think TOD4 is that different. None of the TOD’s are that hard or grindy.

Also same.

I got bummed yesterday tho all objectives were 1 stars.


Bruh. You have like 3 months to complete it. One medal is bugged. I hit op 3 really late and cleared it pretty easy. Plus they are making some of the medals easier. I’m glad I didnt have to collect 3 trillion energy for the op4 energy medal.

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I wont get 100% this tour as i refuse to play 2v2 and ffa modes, i like gears to play as it should, as a team.
I have every other medal available except of course the one’s we can get just now due to them being timed…

I feel like the TOD is rigged…

In favor of players!!!

A nonissue.


I’ve lost all respect sorry this is absolutely rigged for money… Or ratings in not sure which. I won’t be silent . Just saw it live sry.

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I’ve been playing every day since the launch of OP 4 with boost. Doing the objectives and the getting the free reroll. With boost.

I’m on the iron before the cosmonaut now.

Definitely a breeze.

This feels like the easiest tour yet!

I’ve never had boost and finished every tour with over a month to go each time. They’re very simple.
Medals on this tour are alot more achievable for horde and escape I feel.
Hell I even got about 25 stars just one full 1-50 on horde.

If anything id be saying they’ve made it too easy!

So as of yesterday, I’m beginning to see the UIR Cosmonaut.

One, indicates how fast several have earned him.

Two, it’s uglier in game than I thought.

And apparently everyone who has him pairs him with the emote dumb*** and spams it.