Anyone else experiencing long wait times for ranked matches?

Before Op4, I couldn’t find ranked matches at all. The “match found” sound would play but I would never actually get put into a lobby. I was pretty happy when I searched for a ranked match and was actually getting put into lobbies, but now it looks like I’m facing a new issue.

The long wait times are a little annoying, but I wouldn’t mind them as much as long as I was getting put into balanced lobbies, preferably on my own servers (EU) but nope. Wait 10 minutes to go up against a stack on US servers, now I have 250ms and can barely move. I can understand the imbalance of teams and stacks since it is the pre-season and the ranking system is new, but I expect to at least get put into lobbies on my own servers after 10 mins of waiting.

Apart from that, Op4 is pretty good, I like the new store.

Yes. Having linked that post though, as you can see it was a FFA. I normally find King of the Hill matches within 10 minutes, normally around 5 max which is decent. Most of the time the connection is good but I’ve experienced a lot of lobbies being dissolved as well as some being unplayable due to serious lag.

This has been ongoing for me and I don’t see it being any worse with Operation 4, but not any better either.

I couldn’t find ranked matches at all before Op4 so actually getting put into lobbies is a nice change.

That’s, eh, progress. I suppose.

answer: People don’t solo play now because the new rank system punishes them for doing that = people do not play as much as before = lobbies are empty or stacked

There’s an option in the settings to search by low ping or fastest matchmaking. It’s on the page which shows you your ping to all of the different regions. Not sure if it’s a good idea for you though if it’s taking so long searching by fastest (default setting).

Must be something to do with your internet set-up unless you are searching one of the less popular game types.