Anyone else dislike eliminations?

Before when someone got a high kill game, they stood out pretty well. Now when someone gets high eliminations, I dont know if they are getting tons of kills or just tons of assists.

I get they did it to prevent kill stealing, but just have the kill go to whoever’s downed that person, regardless of who ever got the execution.

Does anybody else dislike this “everybody wins” mentality?


Yes, I dislike it. Bring back kills and assists, and yes, as you said, give kill to whoever did most damage. That would be my vote.


It doesn’t really bother me. It does make me laugh that they replaced kills/assists with participation trophies in the game.


Most ridiculous. Add a clean up kill count instead. Kill/gib/cleanup/assist


Glad I’m not the only one who dislikes this. It takes away the good feeling of a high kill game cause every game is a high elimination game

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Yes I have been saying since tash can 5 came out that eliminations are bs. They say they added it in to prevent people from crying about kill stealing, but it’s just like you said why the ■■■■ wouldnt they just give the person who got the down the kill. I have wanted that since gears 1.

Now we have to deal with this ■■■■, and most people say it doesnt matter but it does. I dont feel anything getting a high amount of eliminations, and I dont feel anything seeing someone else get high eliminations. Getting high eliminations literally means nothing and no one cares since they are so ■■■■■■■ easy to get.

You can put almost no work in and get rewarded the same as someone who got a kill himself. It’s so stupid, but its somthing that wont change because there are so many other things wrong with the game, that no one cares about this particular problem. Its here to stay for gears and I just pray that halo infinite does not do this crap.

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Eliminations are fine. Those who would otherwise get the most kills and assists are getting the most eliminations, so I don’t see the major problem. I’m fine with the person whom I just saved by lancering down the flanker who was about to chunk him not getting more of a reward than me when he steals my kill. I’m fine, when the roles are reversed, having the person who assisted me in a fight with crosses getting an equal share of the prize.


I totally agree with you on this.


I would be more ok if it was like this all the time. But you get eliminations for any damage. They seriously need to increase the damage required to like 40% or somthing.

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I sink one bullet in someone and I get an “elimination”. It is pretty silly if you ask me. But far far down on the list of issues with this game.


It’s completely pointless anyway considering it doesn’t factor into K/D ratio. I don’t get the point of it at all.


I like tour idea!
It will stop people who cant stop stealing kills because of a !#%&@ ratio!

I’d like if they kept kills and just added assists as another scoreboard stat.

EDIT: is anyone else annoyed that if you down some or damage somebody heavy & you happen to die, you dont get points for your teammates getting the clean up? You get the elim, but no points. That makes no sense.

Absolutely and absolutely far down the list.

Elims fit right in with what they are trying to accomplish though.

“bUt i gOt 70 eLiMs, HoW aM i nOt maSteRS?”

I do dislike it, but if you take their total points and calculate the numbers for downs, revives, elims…ect you’ll see about how many kills they actually earned.

However, if you see someone with like 20+ elims and less than 1000 points you know for a fact they did next to no actual damage.

Only reason I can think of why they added eliminations was to make garbage players think they did alright. Everything in this game is catered to new players and hoping they’ll spend money on the overpriced cosmetics.

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I think it could be mode specific. the modes with lower kill counts could go back to using K/D

Kills displayed in modes like TDM, Execution, Dodgeball. Escalation.

Eliminations displayed in modes like KOTH, Arcade, Guardian.