Anyone Else buy the pack but not get their characters?

Bought it like an hour ago… Turned off xbox twice.

Says character owned but they’re not unlocked…

Bro idk. My Lizzie and Baird are completely locked up. I progressed to 12 on Lizzie but can’t get cards past the 11th nor can I upgrade or receive cards or exp from matches…

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Why am I surprised this game is bugged…

The glow skins I bought disappeared. I just figured I’ll wait before I messaged TC. Played for a hour than quit and restarted the game and they were there. Than I couldn’t use my Raam character to do a challenge now it’s there. Pretty sure it’s just a bug. Hopefully it resolves itself.

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That sucks… Shouldn’t be happening in a AAA game

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Yeah man same here


Sorry to hear that

My lizzie is maxed and still don’t have the level 11 card unlocked. I want this card in my 5 and can’t level it up; coalition please unlock this card,


Wow, that sucks! So many bugs…

Dude I’m day 3 no cards no exp no resupply.

Still no upgrading cards.

But hey guess what?

I know how to solve the issue!

My store is broken, I’ll just tell them that, and they’ll stop everything and help!

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ThE sToRe NeVeR bReAkS!1

Same issues here except I’m missing 5 of the 18 eclipse skins that were in the bundle … hopefully these will appear at some point …

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Yea, i forgot to check the skins… I don’t have those either