Anyone buying Heroic Myrrah?

Ive got the coin… She looks great. But I cant pull the trigger. Anyone else buying? Thoughts on the heroic queen?


it’s a nice skin. As I said before, white sticks out like a sore thumb on most maps. But looks good.

I had like 170k coin sitting around forever so I bought it.


Nope not as long as TC refuses to let us scrap duplicate cards for coins. Maybe I buy Myrrah when I get my 200k from Scrapping legendary duplicates which are totally worthless


I did, but I’ll never use it. I got the Chrome Steel Myrrah skin so will just keep using that instead. I had over 200,000 Gear Coins so figured “why not?”. It’s just for completionist’s sake.


Not me, don’t even like her lol

40k coins for a skin that can only be used in pvp. What benefit would this skin give to pve players none its a worthless skin.






Already bought it and used it in some Arms Race matches.


@Bleeding_Pepper ive got the chrome steel myrrah as well. That just so sharp looking.

Just get it if you want to and there is nothing else more relevant or time limited you want to throw your coins at. Otherwise, it will be permanently available so you don’t lose out much by not getting the skin straight away.

I’m not buying it because a, not a Locust fan, and b, no Versus player.


Not a versus player? So you didn’t rank up for the coin drop and flaming skins? Did you at least get the Riftworm Heart set? You do the dailies, don’t you, and not only in Coop v. AI?

I purchased it. Too good looking to pass up, but I also had 230k coins saved up :sweat_smile:

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Not sure if you’re being sarcastic or referring to some other player… but I can indeed answer all of those questions with no. Unless by flaming skins you mean the Gears 4 Flaming ones, but I haven’t touched Gears 5 Versus outside of Coop vs AI once yet and don’t intend to. Probs partly cause I wouldn’t be very good at it.

Really can’t say I’m too fond of Heroic skins as it stands.

Too expensive, sticks out like a sore thumb and can only be used/seen in Versus. The weapon skin set is insulting to those that have gotten a high re-up because of how better looking it is and it’s another re-skin


Bought it …it is a great skin IMHO !!

Myrrah = overrated…So no

No. Maybe some day when it’s on sale, but not now. It’s a PvP skin and I’m not fond of 5’s PvP.

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I’m having enough fun with the heroic kantus at the moment. But I have learned that I become a walking target for the entire team it seems. Everyone wants to kill the heroic kantus

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I got 46k so I could… but I’m waiting til I rack up enough for the set too… all about that synergy broseph… same reason I wasted $10 to finish the Chrome Steel weapons that pale drastically in comparison to Black Steel… but can get that Synergy with my 5 Chrome Steel Characters lol which is funny I thought I only had 4 (Kait, Myraah, Raam and Marcus) but noticed “Owned” chilling over Lahni when I went to get the weapons, didn’t even remember getting her lmao gonna have to use her more.