Anyone burnt out on Gears?

Seems like a corrupted update, and the only solution is to reinstall the game completely.

That’s 100gb worth of time I gotta spend downloading this again. Not worth it at all.

I wish I was (burnt out). Just quit a game, and I’m sorry for team mates and if they report me then I accept that. What I’m really having a hard time of accepting is the POS matchmaking.
The game I just quit was Foundation koth. 2 players on op team were hitting 300-400 ping and one of them was unplayable. I am SO SICK TO DEATH of this, day in day out.

The proof in how fecked the mp is…6 solo,no coms games yesterday 5 defeats, several 2-1’s the one game i did win I was MVP! the following game I was last place. All ranks around higher golds/onyx with a few unranked and Diamond players. Just makes no sense.

How is it Gears 3 still does it so much better…

Yeah… basically burned out… I’m 3 lvls away from re-up 10… which I’ll have at the end of the week… then I’ll step away for a while…
Examples… koth yesterday, FIRST time I get killed and its snubing/tbaging… I can see if I was being an ■■■ but wow… too many people in this game are just straight up ■■■■■■■■… im only silver 1…
Anyways, I destroyed that P.O.S. the rest of the game with a enforcer… than after I get a message from the guy who started it saying “enforcer, really?” Everyone can dish it but can’t take it in this game. Sickening.

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Just keep in mind, while they are performing that snub exe they are not near ring and helping thier team. Just an opportunity to have a sip of beverage as another forum member pointed out in a different thread.

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Feel your pain mate, it seems to have escalated (puntastic!) a lot lately as well.
5-3, actually 5-2 yesterday as our 3rd player was afk. Anyway guy downs me and does a beatdown, 3 times. I messaged as I can’t help but bite a called him something sounding like prig and told him he must have felt embarrassed, he just sent back that he was laughing and that i(we) were no competition.

Second game, same thing albeit without communication. I still will not beatdown as I hate it and do not want to waste time and leave myself too open.

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