Anyone burnt out on Gears?

I love this franchise and will always support but I can no longer play for extended periods of time. Don’t get me wrong I destroy in multiplayer but it feels as if the era of Gears/Halo has come to an end.

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Nah I’m still addicted to the mechanics of the game. The only thing I get burnt out on is the lack of maps in rotation, especially for Escalation.



I taken a brief break from Gears after 8 months of not playing due to studies, and since I returned playing in June, I just dont find enjoyment of playing Gears 4 again especially with the existing problems.

But yet I still force myself to continue to play it, because its Gears. :stuck_out_tongue:

though, I’m probably going to stop gaming again soon as I’m going to be doing futher studies soon.

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The countless problems are what make me burnt out on Gears. The game itself is pretty hard to get burned out on imo. If it were not for all the BS I encounter I could play for hours.


I can’t tell my game still won’t work after the update.

Still addicted to gears UE, as broken and BS as it is, I can’t get into any other shooters because they don’t compare to gears. Unfortunately it’s low on population and the connection sucks so I’ll have to move on to another shooter franchise eventually because the newer games just don’t do it for me anymore. I wish they just remade gears 1 or made a newer gears game that has those mechanics with the good maps from gears 1 and some new maps

Pretty sure most players were burnt out a long time ago. Just look at LFG groups or Twitch viewer count…it’s pathetic. Even crappy PUBG has 100s of LFG groups going at any time, Gears 4 has like 20.

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Indeed. I’m sick of Foundation.

Yup. Probably the most overrated map in the whole Gears universe.

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whaaat? for real? lol

RD Gears 4 version takes that title for me. Must be back in KOTH rotation as I played it twice on the bounce last night. I genuinely hate this version of it.

Never get burnt out, nothing plays or feels like Gears. I am playing 3 more than 4 however.

are you playing gears of war 3 on your xbox one or 360?

One S (Gears ltd of course) so I can take vids of all the lovely killing :wink::laughing:

does it feel laggy at all? last time I played it felt like there was a delay

I would say 80% of the time (koth,Horde) it runs very smoothly but yes 20% of the time it can run like a dog. It is worth it though, I just quit those games wait a few minutes and try again.
The other issue you have is the host quitting if they don’t like a the way a match is going!!!
Just about to win Hill 2-1 this morning but at 140 -60 the host quit, so obviously the game restarts!

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add me we should party up some time

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I only started on VS as a wings 2 player. Feels fresh as ever. It’s like a whole new game, ha! I am however very burnt out on Horde without the mania playlist. Too slow.

Same here.

I can play Gears all day and night when it’s running optimally. Unfortunately, less than 1% of my overall matches played have minimal lag because the matchmaking always throws at least 1 high ping warrior(cheater) into my matches and it breaks down.

Yeah. I can’t start the game still. It crashes when I attempt to start it.