Anybody Willing to give out Rockstar Energy Drink codes? I'll give chips ahoy codes in return

Hey I’m just making this thread to see if anybody in the community could help me get some of the rockstar energy drink codes for gears 5. I’ve searched high and low at every retailer in my area (Target, Walmart, Publix, Circle K, 7-11, etc.) and nobody has them. If someone is willing to help me out I’d greatly appreciate it. I can give you some chips ahoy codes in return if you need them.

what do you get with the chips ahoy codes and where do you enter them. i can get you gears 5 RS cans. They are all over the place by me.

you want 7 cans for the max RS rewards?

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That would be awesome man. I have 2 chips ahoy codes to give away. They give you a banner and a mark. Plus a 1 day boost if I remember correctly. Plus I have a spare 7 day game pass code if you’d like it.

Edit: You enter them at

sounds like a trade. I go to WM tonight. I sent you codes after i dump the liquid privately via xbox of mail.

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Just to clarify, are you going to message me on xbox or on PM on the forums?

Xbox. i just added you easier that way.

Gotcha. Thanks. I’ll send you the first of the chips ahoy codes now.

no wait till i have cans for you that way its fair trade.

I am happy to help gears community when i can. the forum has been good to me.

I trust you man. It’s no big deal. I already have all the chips ahoy stuff anyways

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Tread softly guys. Trading is not allowed on the forums.

Code trading isn’t allowed? Why is that?

It is against forum policy because they have no way to control it. Just a friendly heads up.

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Control what exactly? It’s just dlc codes. Not like I’m making money off this or anything lol. The warning is appreciated anyways.

I could see how it could get out of control and become eBay without protections. I recently saw a similar thread closed and that’s what the mod posted.

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Yeah I don’t intend to turn this into ebay. I was just looking to see if anyone could help me out with the RS codes. Literally no store in my county has them. I can find the chips hoy ones just fine, but not the rockstar.

Trading is not allowed unfortunately due to not having support if someone gets ripped off, or scammed.

Thank you and will be closing this.

As for trying to find the rockstar cans… If in the US they just started appearing in my area so I would keep checking at local stores for updates, or even ask a clerk there when they might expect them in stock at their store.

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